2021 Recap!

I enjoy looking back + seeing all the progress I’ve made over the year. It helps me realize that I did in fact actually do things + work toward my goals.

Sometimes my brain likes to tell me that I’ve done NOTHING + gotten NOTHING accomplished, that I’ve wasted the whole year.

Does your brain do that to you too?

Maybe looking back through your year to see all that you’ve done will benefit you too!

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I was only able to accomplish these things because of the support from members of my website, thank you so much!


  • Became an LLC
  • Got a business bank account
  • GBTL events: Jan, Feb x2, March x2, April x2, May x3, June x2, July, August, September (total of 15 events!!!)
  • GBTL met up in person to create + facilitate backstage pass
  • Many many meetings + video chats + text messages behind the scenes

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