Virtual Nude Gatherings

Most people have only ever been nude by themselves or with an intimate partner, and feel scared (or even terrified) at the prospect of baring their skin to a group of people they just met. Meeting new people can feel very vulnerable, and involving nudity makes that vulnerable feeling even more intense. These gatherings are for moving past the societal conditioning that our nude bodies are inherently bad, sexual, or to be consumed by others, and reclaiming our bodies as the magical vessels of life, love, and healing that they are.

Upcoming Virtual Nude Gatherings:

• To Be Announced – None Currently Scheduled

Nude Gathering Itinerary:

• gathering
• dive in with quick tips + review of community guidelines
• introductions (name, pronouns, feeling, movement)
• group somatic practice
• (break if needed)
• group games/discussions
• (break if needed)
• optional: journaling + feedback

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Nude gatherings are for people who:

• appreciate and enjoy connecting with others in their community
• are able to communicate their ideas, feelings, and opinions while respecting others
• want to explore how it feels to be nude in a non-sexual setting
• are curious about expanding their comfort zone
• are 18 years old or older

Nude gatherings are NOT for people who:

• are only interested in nudity if it involves a sexual act of some kind
• want to watch everyone else and not participate
• are unable to communicate with or respect others
• are looking to build sexual or romantic relationships, or use the gathering as a dating service
• are under 18 years old

What to expect during a virtual nude gathering:

• vulnerability + awkwardness – this is part of the magic of these events, we’re all choosing to be in this together!
• meditation + movement practices to connect with our bodies and each other
• honest sharing of feelings + emotions – we’re ALL encouraged to participate
• a non-sexual environment of acceptance + love

What to expect after a virtual nude gathering:

• feeling seen and heard as a unique and valuable part of a community
• being more comfortable (even if only slightly!) without clothes on
• an increased sense of interconnectedness
• a deeper sense of connection to yourself and your body

Accessibility + representation is important!

In order for historically marginalized folks to have access to these nude gatherings, economic justice has been incorporated into the ticket system. For every event, a limited number of free scholarship tickets + discounted tickets are offered to folks who are:

• BIPOC / Black, Indigenous, + People of Color (people of the global majority)
• LGBTQIA+ / Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Queer, Intersex, Asexual +
• SW / Sex Worker
• ND / Neurodiverse
• Disabled

Community Guidelines

We’re responsible for our own energy.

To create a safe space we agree to follow these boundaries:

Enter the arena together!

That means everyone is equally vulnerable. You must have your webcam enabled. Voyeurism is not welcome. Participation is key.

Show up!

Respect everyone’s experience by arriving early to test your technology rather than interrupting the experience with troubleshooting during session. The container for the gathering closes 15 minutes after the start time. For the comfort and safety of participants we cannot allow late arrivals.

Honor your limits!

Be honest about your capabilities. This is not a competition. Your needs are not an inconvenience.

Clothing is optional, you may dress or undress to your comfort.

The beauty of the body + engaging with non-sexual nudity! The only rule is do not sexualize the experience.

Privacy is mandatory!

You must participate in a place where other people will not be interrupting. ANY screenshots + recording is strictly prohibited. Anyone violating the sanctity of our space will be immediately + indefinitely banned from gatherings.

Connection must be consensual!

This is a community space, no private messaging is allowed during gatherings. If you want to build relationships outside of/after the gathering, state this clearly in the group chat + only reach out to those who clearly state they want to build relationships outside of the container of the gathering.

Respect each other!

At these gatherings BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, fat, disabled, + older people’s comfort takes priority over white, cishet, thin, abled, + young people’s comfort. You must agree with this + follow through with your actions (being kind + respectful, listening to + prioritizing their voices + opinions, not interrupting or talking over them, not making any body-specific compliments, etc) in order to participate. Give everyone time to speak.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to be fully nude?

No! You don’t “have” to do anything other than listen to your body’s needs and respect the other participants. You can be fully clothed, partially clothed, or fully naked, your choice based on your comfort level, which is flexible and changeable throughout the gathering.

Is pleasure involved? Can I masturbate?

Pleasure is involved in the form of being present in our bodies, and connecting with ourselves and each other through our breath and senses. Masturbation is NOT allowed during the gathering, this is a non-sexual nude experience.

Can I just watch?

No, this is not a space for voyeurism. Webcams must be enabled for all participants so that we are all participating in this vulnerable space, together.

Will there be a recording available if I can’t make it live?

No, for the privacy and safety of participants there will not be any recording or screenshots of the gathering. These gatherings are meant to be magical pockets of time that cannot be reproduced, in which we are present with ourselves and each other. Each gathering is a unique experience, so if you want to participate, join us live!

What platform are these virtual nude gatherings held on?

We gather via private Zoom meeting. For the best user experience, please have your tech setup completed at least 10 minutes before joining.

Do I need prior experience with meditation?

No prior meditation experience needed! I will lead a group somatic practice that you can participate in or not based on how you feel. I give cues for breath and movement, it’s all an invitation, do what feels best for you!

Do I need to bring anything with me or set up a space specifically for attending the gathering?

Bring anything that helps you be more comfortable! Some things I usually have available: water, a snack, a robe or something to put on if I get cold, a stuffy to cuddle with, a journal to write down thoughts/feelings/notes. I’ll lead us through a movement practice at the beginning to help us be in our bodies and move out some of our nervous jitters, so you may want some space to move around and/or a yoga mat for comfort. You could also do the movement practice sitting down if that’s more comfortable, so whatever space you have available can work.

What if I want to connect with someone that attended the gathering after it’s over?

Consent is of the highest importance, so only reach out to those who clearly state during the gathering that they’re looking for connection outside of the container of the gathering. Private messaging during the gathering is not allowed. This is not a dating service + treating it as such is not allowed.

Can I join the gathering late? What if I can’t log in on time?

For the comfort + safety of participants we cannot allow late arrivals. We close the container 15 minutes after the start of the gathering. If you are unable to make it to the event on time, come to another gathering when you’re able to be on time.

Why do I have to apply for a ticket? Why can’t I just purchase one now?

This process ensures the comfort + safety of participants. Applications serve as a screening process to determine whether or not someone will be a good fit for the virtual nude gathering. It’s important to me that we are able to create a brave space together, + if I haven’t met you yet, applications are the best way for me to get to know you a little bit before the gathering. You only need to apply once.

What if I can’t afford any of sliding scale options? Is it possible to get a free ticket?

When you’re applying for a ticket, indicate that you can’t afford any of the sliding scale options. If you are approved for a free ticket, you will receive an email with all the information needed to join for free.
In order for historically marginalized folks to have access to these nude gatherings, economic justice has been incorporated into the ticket system. For every event, a limited number of free scholarship tickets + discounted tickets are offered to folks who are:


“Your gathering was such an inclusive and comfortable space, one that I’d never before experienced in my life, and I still think of that day often with so much fondness and love in my heart. Creating nude art, splashing in the water and mud, with so many like-minded and compassionate people was a transformative experience that I’ll always treasure.” Kayla Webster (in person)

“Thanks for reminding me how impactful connection with good people can be even virtually! I’ve equated being “plugged in” with anxiety for so long I totally forgot that it could also be a source of healing.” Karolina Von (virtual)

“Nude gatherings have helped me to recontextualize nudity with a happy, healing family. I’d been feeling some trauma around the sexualization of nudity. I felt warm, welcomed, and cared for after this light hearted session. Community, finding like minded people, playing games and getting to know one another are what I enjoyed most about this experience.” Jenna Citrus (virtual)

“Before the gathering started I was very nervous about coming off as awkward, and also worried about how I would feel or react to a “room” full of naked bodies. After it was over I honestly felt lighter, and slightly liberated. I left the room feeling great. It was very inclusive and affirming. I felt heard and connected with the other participants in a safe, non-sexual way… Which was a first for me! I think everyone, especially those of us who hold marginalized identities, deserves the opportunity to experience nudity in this context. It can be very healing and beautiful.” -AD (virtual)

“The somatic part was valuable. I appreciated being able to present my whole body on screen. I’m not an exhibitionist, but I do have body insecurity. Being fully seen and being accepted as I physically am and not judged is validating. Your fears and insecurities are probably based on a misconception of what the event will be like. We aren’t there to gawk at you. We aren’t there for sexual stimulation or arousal.” -RB (virtual)

“Before the gathering I felt anxious, doubtful, scared, overwhelmed. Afterwards I felt grounded, seen, heard, respected, unashamed, hopeful that society is moving in the right direction.” -MD (virtual)

Meet your facilitator:

Hi! I’m Bunny Luna (they/them), an agender ecosexual witch + perpetual student who is here to remind myself + everyone else that perfection doesn’t exist + we are all on this planet at the same time, together, for a reason. We are interconnected. My experience with yoga, meditation, energy healing, nude photography, nude modeling + facilitating in-person nude gatherings (before covid) have prepared me for the adventure + challenge of bringing these events online.

For more information about me, click here.

What are sliding scale tickets?

It’s important for me to make these transformational events + experiences available to as many people as possible while also sustaining myself in a capitalist society. Sliding scale tickets allow me to offer multiple price points for folks with different financial abilities + needs.

*Please be mindful that if you purchase a ticket at the lowest end of the scale when you can truthfully afford the higher ticket prices, you are limiting access to those who truly need the gift of financial flexibility.*

The highest price point is the true cost of the event, if there was only one ticket price available this would be it. This price point is for folks who are financially stable, which means that they:

• have a steady income
• have a 401k or retirement plan
• have money in their savings account
• own their own house and/or car
• are able to go on vacations and/or purchase new items on a regular basis

The middle price point is for folks who don’t meet the criteria for “financially stable” or “needing support” and fall somewhere in the middle. These folks:

• have access to steady income (but may occasionally live paycheck to paycheck)
• occasionally struggle to keep money in their savings account (but HAVE a savings account)
• are able to receive financial support from family or friends
• occasionally are able to purchase new items or treat themselves to something special

The lowest price point is for folks who are in need of support. These folks:

• would not be able to participate in this event without a lower-cost ticket
• struggle to financially make ends meet on a regular basis
• don’t have financial support from family or friends
• are in significant debt

Sliding scale tickets are based on the honor system, + I trust that you will purchase your ticket accordingly. When I am paid fairly, I am able to invest more time + energy into free + lower-cost resources for the community.