Virtual Nude Gathering Community Guidelines + Application

We’re responsible for our own energy.

To create a safe space we agree to follow these boundaries:

Enter the arena together!

That means everyone is equally vulnerable. You must have your webcam enabled. Voyeurism is not welcome. Participation is key.

Show up!

Respect everyone’s experience by arriving early to test your technology rather than interrupting the experience with troubleshooting during session. The container for the gathering closes 15 minutes after the start time. For the comfort and safety of participants we cannot allow late arrivals.

Honor your limits!

Be honest about your capabilities. This is not a competition. Your needs are not an inconvenience.

Clothing is optional, you may dress or undress to your comfort.

The beauty of the body + engaging with non-sexual nudity! The only rule is do not sexualize the experience.

Privacy is mandatory!

You must participate in a place where other people will not be interrupting. ANY screenshots + recording is strictly prohibited. Anyone violating the sanctity of our space will be immediately + indefinitely banned from gatherings.

Connection must be consensual!

This is a community space, no private messaging is allowed during gatherings. If you want to build relationships outside of/after the gathering, state this clearly in the group chat + only reach out to those who clearly state they want to build relationships outside of the container of the gathering.

Respect each other!

At these gatherings BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, fat, disabled, + older people’s comfort takes priority over white, cishet, thin, abled, + young people’s comfort. You must agree with this + follow through with your actions (being kind + respectful, listening to + prioritizing their voices + opinions, not interrupting or talking over them, not making any body-specific compliments, etc) in order to participate. Give everyone time to speak.

Virtual Nude gatherings are for people who:

•appreciate and enjoy connecting with others in their community
• are able to communicate their ideas, feelings, and opinions while respecting others
• want to explore how it feels to be nude in a non-sexual setting
• are curious about expanding their comfort zone
• are 18 years old or older

Virtual Nude gatherings are NOT for people who:

• are only interested in nudity if it involves a sexual act of some kind
• want to watch everyone else and not participate
are unable to communicate with or respect others
are looking to build sexual or romantic relationships, or use the gathering as a dating service
are under 18 years old

To prove that you have read and agree to this code of conduct, respond with this quote in your application to join: “I am committed to being a responsible, respectful, + caring participant of this virtual nude gathering!”

Failure to follow this code of conduct will result in immediate removal from the gathering + you will be prohibited from attending future gatherings.

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