Bunny Luna (they/them) is a queer agender ecosexual witch. They are a passionate self love encourager, creative explorer, + nude gatherer who helps sensitive humans struggling to make sense of themselves. If you’re someone who hungers for a return to nature’s interconnectedness, to shed your social conditioning, radically reconnect with your authentic, wild nature, + find your sense of belongingyou’ll love it here!

Bunny has been eagerly exploring the sacredness + interconnectedness of all beings since birth. Forever hungry to learn, they started the journey of entrepreneurship a decade ago in 2010 after receiving two associate’s degrees in art + fine art. Bunny’s nude self portraits + 35mm film double exposures in nature have been shown in galleries across the country + internationally published. Making use of their training + experience in yoga, meditation, energy healing, + creative (often nude) collaborations + events, Bunny facilitates shared healing experiences to activate the interconnected artist in all of us

Bunny creates a container of acceptance + permission in which you can access inner safety + cultivate the courage to fully experience your feelings while radically transforming your understanding of gender, sexuality, + self for authentic living. This process allows for the transmission of vulnerable insights as deep understandings come to the surface of your awareness.

Bunny offers 1-on-1 peer support + mentoring sessions, sliding scale memberships, virtual nude gatherings, creative community events, + other resources to encourage love, growth + resilience in their community.

Bunny is a white settler who lives on Catawba land (so-called Charlotte, North Carolina) with their family. They are a lifelong student, always learning, growing, + changing, appreciative of opportunities for deeper understanding, compassion, + respect. If astrology is important to you, they have a Sagittarius Sun + Moon, Virgo Rising, + a Capricorn Stellium.

They find inspiration + comfort in the differences that connect us, moments of quiet union between humanity + nature, fresh spring leaves sparkling green in sunlight, water endlessly flowing over mossy rocks, + the deep grounding spirit of trees.

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Bunny’s values:

• Black lives matter + reparations are overdue
• Queerness is sacred + Trans lives matter
• Nature + the Earth are sacred + deserve rights (ever heard of environmental personhood?)
• We are all sovereign + deserve the right to choice (pro abortion + anti death penalty)
• Sex work is real work + needs to be decriminalized
• Land back to Indigenous peoples across the globe
• Police + colonial/imperialist governments need to be abolished
• All people deserve healthcare, housing, food, water, education, childcare, equity, respect + dignity (anti billionaires/capitalism + pro universal basic income)

How they incorporate their values:

• Providing free community resources + events
• Sliding scale pricing so that my offerings are accessible
• Monthly payments to Sanctuary in the City, Conserving Carolina, + individuals in need
• Considering my values when I spend money, share information, + make decisions
• Centering + honoring the voices + experiences of BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, Neurodiverse, Disabled, + Fat beings across the spectrum of humanity
• Dedication to show up honestly + authentically + creating space for everyone to do the same
• Welcoming disagreements + differences in perspective
• Non hierarchical community sharing, everyone has valuable insights to share from their life experiences