North Carolina (unceded Catawba territory) based agender queer multidisciplinary artist Bunny Luna (they/them) has been exploring the sacredness and interconnectedness of all living beings since 2010. After receiving two associate’s degrees in art & fine art, they continued their life-long education through full-time artistic self employment. Bunny’s nude self portraits and 35mm film double exposures in nature have been shown in galleries across the country and internationally published. Using skills from their training and experience in yoga, meditation, energy healing, and facilitating creative healing workshops and events, Bunny creates a container of acceptance and safety in which co-creators are able to process their feelings and transmute them into vulnerable images of interconnection with self and nature. Nudity is a fundamental part of their work because without clothing, we are able to separate from societal expectations and truly be our raw authentic selves. Bunny finds inspiration in the differences that connect us, quiet understandings between human and nature, light coming through fresh spring leaves, water endlessly flowing over mossy rocks, and the stoic groundedness of trees.

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