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monthly live virtual nude gatherings

• explore how it feels to be nude in a non-sexual setting
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• feel seen and heard as a unique and valuable part of a community

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• resources on queerness, ecosexuality, self love, + creativity
• accessible practices for embodiment and presence
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we are co-creating the world we want to live in, together



“You share such joy in delivering universal truths. Thank you so much for reminding me to celebrate this life and focus on staying centered through the changes.” Singingsiren44

“A genuinely beautiful person both externally and in terms of values + personality. You lift my day.” Anon

“There are so many times I have learned and grown from our conversations. My world has expanded because of you. My views on sexuality, orientation, gender, and so many other things have become much more informed and open and diverse. You are leading by example, gently, and with a genuine authenticity that allows others to follow their own paths at their own pace.” Doug Pierce

“You create such inspiring art! I love what you’ve been doing regarding consent and gender identity. It’s been very educational and eye opening to watch your progress, and I appreciate you being so open and vulnerable to help others. Honestly just warms my heart.” Bailey

“Thank you for sharing love and joy!! I hope to have the opportunity to attend another video chat very soon. Your presence and important things you share really helps me to remember the importance of authenticity, love and life, so thanks a million.” Hafsa

“Your humanity and words have given me such comfort. When I listened to the podcast you did with Lior I was in tears because it made me feel like it was ok to not be defined in my gender yet… it put words to so many feelings I had for a long time. Thank you so much.” Anon

“You are soooo generous with your love and I admire your ability to heal others by simply listening and validating people’s feelings.” Meg

“Ever since I found you my view of people has changed. You’ve opened my eyes to certain things and helped my heart get bigger.” Anon

“You have broadened my perspective so much about nudity and sex and sexuality.” Esha

“You are such a blessing and have shined a light into my life through your self expression and openness.” Nicholas