I don’t know what’s next

The bad news:

I hoped this day would never come, but it has. Stripe is closing one of my accounts because I am a “high risk” client (aka I have nudity on my website).

This means that between 2/3 and 95% of my income will disappear when my account is closed. They’re closing my account tomorrow after emailing me initially about it last week.

They haven’t answered any of my questions about what is going to happen to you, members of my website. I am so frustrated that I’ve been shuffled around Stripe’s customer service for a week with no resolution. I don’t know what will happen when they close my account.

I have more than one Stripe account: one that’s being closed, another with no issues. This makes no sense to me since they’re both connected to my website. This may impact some or all of you, but I don’t really have a way to know for sure.

Because of all this I’ll be postponing my weekly vlog posts (starting in September) until I get payment processors figured out.

The good news:

I’m in communication with 2 alternative payment processors that are totally cool with nudity and will know about it from the start. (If you’re curious what they are – PaymentCloud and

They both say they can transfer the information from Stripe.

It might take a bit of time to get everything figured out and switched over to a new payment processor, but in the meantime I’m still able to use Square for one on one peer support and mentoring, and I am still able to use Cashapp and Venmo.

Once I have a new payment processor I won’t have to worry about this happening again while being able to openly share nude stuff!

I’m not going to let a puritanical corporation stop me from making and sharing nude art!!!

Call to action (optional):

If you know anyone who works at Stripe or feel so inclined to contact them about this, raise some hell!

Book a one on one peer support or mentoring session with me – more info here!

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