• May Schedule!

    Events all in eastern time:
    • Weds May 10th @ 6 pm:  Self Portraiture for Ecosexual Embodiment – virtual event co-facilitated with Lior Allay, part 4 of 4! This class has been AMAZING so far, I can’t believe we’re on the last one already! We’ll be discussing GENDER + SEXUALITY through self portraiture
    • Thurs May 11th @ 12 pm: Tattoo appointment with Alex Santaloci at Iron Ghost Tattoo (will either be my last or my second to last tattoo appointment for my half body Poplar tree tattoo!!!!)
    • Sat May 13th @ 10 am: Photo Bloom: Self Portrait Workshop – in person in Mooresville, NC – I’m teaching the self portrait workshop and we’ll have 4 custom created sets for attendees to take self portraits in!
    • Tues May 16th @ 7 pm: Queen City Kinky Photography Meetup – in person in Charlotte, NC – hang out and talk photography
    • Thurs May 18th @ 6 pm: LIMINAL Opening Reception – 5 of my double exposure photographs are in this exhibition, including a self portrait!
    • Mon May 22nd @ 6 pm: Queen City Kinky Photography Model/Photographer Etiquette Workshop – in person in Charlotte, NC – learn how to have safe(r) and successful photoshoots from either side of the lens – this is a prerequisite to our future group shoot events
    • Weds May 24th @ 7 pm: Self Portrait Showcase – virtual event co-facilitated with Lior Allay – submit your self portraits to share, all experience levels welcome!
    • May 26th – 29th: IGNITE BURN – I will be teaching a self portrait class one of the days of the burn!
    Click the name of the event for all the info!
    Patrons: see THIS POST for 40% off the self portrait course!
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  • February Schedule!

    Online events coming up that are FREE/DISCOUNTED for patrons (all in eastern time):
    Queer Creative Coworking is a registration-only event held on Zoom via Eventbrite
    The movie screening is a member-only (including FREE, not-on-patreon members!) event held on Discord video/voice chat (VC)
    Self Portraiture for Ecosexual Embodiment is a 4 part live online course co-facilitated with Lior Allay held on Zoom via Eventbrite
    Click the name of the event for all the info!
    Patrons: see THIS POST for the discount code to get free tickets for coworking, and THIS POST for 40% off the self portrait course!
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  • 2022 Recap!

    I did a 2021 recap last year and was really encouraged by it, so I’m doing another one this year! I have issues with object permanence and it’s easy for me to feel like I’ve done NOTHING, so looking back and writing up the major things that happened and the things that I accomplished is really helpful for me to realize that I did, in fact, DO THINGS!

    I created this to help myself realize that I am accomplishing things all the time even though I feel like I haven’t. I did NOT create this to make you feel like you need to compete with me or for you to compare yourself to me. The last thing I want is to make someone else feel bad about themself. Everyone’s life and journey is different, and we are ALL VALID whether or not we accomplished ANYTHING AT ALL. ♥

    This post contains affiliate links. This means I may earn a commission should you choose to make a purchase using my link (at no extra cost to you!). I only recommend things I have personally used + love!

    • Journaled every day (I started this Jan 20th 2020 – almost on year 3!)
    • Energy practices (almost) every day
    • Took many walks outside + at parks
    • Spent time w friends
    • 8 tattoo appointments – so much closer to being done with this massive project!
    • Went to Floyd Yoga Jam
    • Visited a friend in Boone
    • Got covid in August for the first (and hopefully only) time
    • Visited AD in DC x2
    • Solo van camping trip to Shenandoah
    • Solo van camping in Hocking Hills
    • Got STI tested in Feb, May, + Dec
    • Went to an Art Walk in my hometown
    • Went to friends + familys bday parties
    • Went to a family reunion in VA for my dad’s side of the family
    • Got a new passport with my name change and X gender marker!
    • Volunteered at the VAPA Center
    • Dyed my pubic hair blue x2
    • Spent over $2500 on van repairs (oil changes, inspection, window motor, fuel line, tires…)
    • Mountain trip with Abe at airbnb +  mushroom experience
    • 3x mushroom trips + microdosed several times
    • Helped set up and break down Sol Harmony Fest, my first time seeing behind the scenes of how a festival comes to life!
    • Housesit for my aunt while she’s out of town x2
    • Asheville trip w Abe (surprise trip that last minute changed but was still super fun)
    • Mountainpalooza with 15 of my high school friends! (year 4 and counting!)
    • Stayed w Granny for a week to help her out after she was in the hospital w pneumonia
    • Hosted a model + her partner, first time hosting in several years – since 2017/18?
    • Van camped w friends 5 different times
    • First group van camping experience! 13 people and 4 dogs in a mountain forest
    • Went to 2 bonfires with friends
    • Abe and I made a Duct Tape Dummy of myself

    Let me know what you’d like to see from me in 2023 by responding to my survey!

    • AD tied + suspended me for the first time in years, my first suspension since my rope injury in 2016, first time at The Crucible
    • Got back into the local kink scene + started going to play parties
    • Got myself a doggie crate for my bedroom, for claustrophilia reasons, also for putting myself in time out reasons, and kink reasons lol
    • Did my first self suspension in rope
    • Went to PUSH – a fetish party in Durham
    • Went to 4 kink parties
    • Went to 5 rope labs
    • Had 3 rope mentoring sessions (so far)

    I was only able to accomplish these things because of the support from members of my patreon, thank you so much!

    • Anti-planning Workshop w Elizabeth Goddard
    • Yoni Massage Workshop w Lior Allay
    • Nude Yoga (virtual) w Lior Allay
    • Feelings 101 w Dawn Serra
    • Advanced Master Program on the Treatment of Trauma from NICABM (5 part master class)
    • How to Build Your Business Without Social Media w Becca Tracey
    • Thai Massage Workshop w Ann Marie
    • Balls + Yoga w Ann Marie
    • Glow Yoga w Meridith Young
    • Laughter Yoga w Carolyn Keller Sells
    • Plant ID Walk – Know Your Weeds w I-TAL Acres
    • Psychedelic Breathwork w Monica McGee + Kendall Selfe
    • Ecstatic Dance w Katie Wells + Beatfarm3r
    • Howdy! Partner Yoga w Shawn + Marie Nuthall
    • Energy Medicine Yoga w Nicole Lafon
    • Nature Walk – Plants, Food, + Fire w Johnny Stowe
    • Defying Gravity: Acroyoga FUNdamentals w Kaelyn Rogers
    • Intuitive Movement w Claire Nagy-Kato
    • Teas Tonics + Tinctures w Willow Luna (my mom!)
    • Psychedelic Integration w Anjali Valea
    • Chakti Yoga w Lauren Nixon
    • Rhythm + Flow Yoga w Amber + Jimi Nedoff
    • Learned a suspendable futomomo and uplines (thanks AD)
    • Found a local rope mentor + started recurring meetings to learn rope bondage
    • Aftercare is a “bad word” w Zir Oya aka @mount.saintoya via Shibari Study
    • Rope Has an Image Problem w Christian Red via Shibari Study

    Check out the organized list of HUNDREDS of books I want to read!

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  • LIVE Online Course: Embodied Self Portraiture

    Leave perfectionism for possibility

    Transform the way you see + experience yourself through the medium of self portraiture.

    ***Members of my patreon get a discount code for 40% off!***

    Shift from performative living to authentic thriving

    Give us 4 months + you’ll fall in love with your unique body.

    Rewrite the stories your body holds, learn the language of encoded memory, + work intentionally to craft a new reality where beauty is defined by what delights YOU.

    Topics include: Inspiration, Somatics, Creativity, Ritual, Set Design, Composition, Storytelling, Gender, Sexuality + SO much more!


    Each class comes with…

    • PDF e-book of course material w/ interactive exercises
    • Creative Change Tracker to watch your evolution unfold
    • a take home recording if you can’t be there
    • LIVE Q+A opportunities

    You will need…

    • A device to access the live video feed or recording
    • Something to take notes on
    • A camera (phones count too!)


    • You have trouble connecting with your emotions + want to understand yourself better
    • You want to release perfectionism + express yourself creatively w/ confidence
    • You’re curious about your gender or identity +/ want to know who you are with clarity
    • You want to transform your relationship w/ the camera, release shyness, + BOLDLY embrace your beauty


    • You’re under 18 years old
    • You need extensive education about photography – this is not a photo 101 course
    • You need their hand held the entire time – this is not one on one support
    • You are not willing to do the exercises/practices/homework etc.

    1. Feb 8 – personal self-portrait journey, why nudity, technical + safety info
    2. March 8 – creative, posing, composition, storytelling
    3. April 12 – healing, somatics, + ceremony
    4. May 10 – gender + sexuality

    If you come to 3, the 4th is free!


    Q: What do I need to bring?

    A: A journal to take notes, comfy layered clothes to adjust your temp, a water bottle, a snack, a private space to explore… anything else that would support you in listening + learning!

    Q: If I’ve never done self portraits can I still come?

    A: Yes! Absolutely, if you’re open to new experiences and willing to learn, we’re happy to have you! This experience is flexible, offering challenges to engage those who already have a confident grasp of photography, while being equally inviting for folks who are just getting started. This is the perfect place for creatives of all levels to co-mingle and learn from each other. We are all both students and teachers, always.

    Q: What if I don’t have a camera?

    A: No problem! If you have a smartphone, you have a camera!

    Q: How do I get the 4th workshop for free?

    A: If you sign up for the first 3 workshops, we’ll send you an email with a discount code for 100% off the 4th one! Make sure to wait to sign up for the 4th one so we can send you the discount code!

    Q: What if I can’t attend the workshops on the designated days/times?

    A: No worries if you can’t be there at the time of the workshop, they will all be recorded and emailed to everyone who signs up whether you attend live or not.


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  • December schedule!

    LIVE online events coming up in December (all in eastern time):

    Queer Creative Coworking is a registration-only event held on Zoom via Eventbrite
    Burrow Buddies is a member-only (including FREE, not-on-patreon members!) event held on Discord video/voice chat (VC)
    Click the name of the event(s) for all the info about them!

    Patreon members get FREE tickets to all of these events! Click here to become a member today

    show your support for free:
    show your support financially (sliding scale!):

    ✨ become a member for ALL THE PERKS!
    📆 participate in my online + in person events
    🤝 book a one on one session with me💲 buy me a smoothie via cashapp
    💰 buy me lunch via venmo

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  • Why I enjoy modeling nude for figure drawing groups + classes

    Why I enjoy modeling nude for figure drawing groups + classes:

    • I get to be naked in a non-sexual setting
    • I am encouraged to be creative
    • It’s a challenge for my body + mind (sitting still for 20 minutes at a time is hard but also rewarding!)
    • I get to meet + build connections with local artists
    • I have the opportunity to see how people perceive me based on their drawings/paintings
    • I get to set my own schedule


    Virtual Live Training on Zoom

    We will cover:

    • practical considerations
    • important safety information
    • how to prepare for a figure modeling session
    • how to pose
    • interaction with artists
    • how to find figure drawing groups/classes
    • how to book figure drawing gigs

    Tickets are sliding scale $5 – $44

    Recording and slideshow will be sent to everyone who registers, so you don’t even have to be there live!

    I want to learn! Sign me up!

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  • Hang out + play games with me!

    Starting in November, I’m hosting (almost) weekly Burrow Buddies events on Discord!

    Burrow Buddies will be (most) Wednesdays from 6-7pm EST. Burrow Buddies are chill, casual group video/voice chat events where we hang out, talk, play games and watch videos together!

    November Burrow Buddies schedule (so far):

    November 2nd
    November 9th
    November 23rd

    What’s Discord?

    I left social media a year ago and I’ve needed a way to stay in touch with people that was casual, less stress, and more fun. I joined Discord back in 2017 or 2018 but couldn’t really figure it out so I forgot about it until this January when a friend reintroduced me to it.

    If you’ve never been on Discord, it’s kind of like a bunch of organized chat rooms, except way better.

    On Discord you can:

    -DM people privately
    -create group DMs
    -chat in a public or private server
    -share photos, videos, + links
    -create or join voice/video chats
    -stream content like games or movies for your friends
    -create your own server (public or private)
    -use bots to play games, moderate, and improve your overall experience

    There are servers for ALL KINDS of topics. I’m in servers about art, kink, relationships, psychedelics… if there’s a topic you’re into, there’s likely a Discord server for it.

    Join me for FREE on Discord

    Why Discord?

    Discord’s Community Guidelines allow nudity as long as it’s in NSFW channels. That’s a big one for me. Nudes are ALLOWED?! Sign me up!

    I’ve created a FREE Discord server for artists and I’m officially inviting you to join me!

    From my experience, Discord is a much more enjoyable way to stay in touch with people. I prefer it over social media like IG or FB, and it’s better than email or text in my opinion. There’s fun custom emojis and gifs!

    The Burrow Discord server is for:

    -making friends
    -sharing art, resources, memes, + more
    -chatting about art + inspiration
    -getting advice + feedback from other artists
    -uplifting each other
    -NSFW art sharing without censorship
    -random VC (voice/video chat) hangouts + streams

    Join me on Discord!

    How do I sign up?

    Easy! Click here to join the server I’ve created for us! It’s FREE!

    All the rest of the info you’ll need is in the Welcome section of the server.


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  • How to be a Nude Figure Model

    Figure Modeling 101

    Virtual Live Training on Zoom

    We will cover:

    • practical considerations
    • important safety information
    • how to prepare for a figure modeling session
    • how to pose
    • interaction with artists
    • how to find figure drawing groups/classes
    • how to book figure drawing gigs

    Tickets are sliding scale $5 – $44

    I will likely be doing another round of this live training at some point in the future, but it won’t be this low of a price again!

    Recording and slideshow will be sent to everyone who registers, so you don’t even have to be there live!


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  • I’ve made a decision

    For weeks now I’ve been dealing with Stripe closing one of my accounts simply because I have nudity on my website.

    Here’s my 1st post about this

    Here’s my 2nd post about this

    I originally created this website in late 2018 because I was getting tired of Patreon continuing to sanitize itself like everywhere else on the internet post-FOSTA/SESTA. I created a space on the internet where I didn’t have to censor myself. It was wonderful and I felt at least safer than I did before, in a space I had full control of even though I didn’t really know what I was doing.

    I took a risk when I set up my website using Stripe. I knew that they had already fucked people over because their work included nudity. I hoped I would be able to go unnoticed. Obviously that didn’t work because I’m in this situation now. Stripe was the best I could do because of how ubiquitous it is and how inaccessible other options were. I really wanted to create my own home on the internet, and I did.

    I’ve continued to have no luck with finding a place to create a “high risk” merchant account that I can afford. I will continue to look for options that better suit my members/supporters/friends, myself, and this website. I still want to work toward an internet where nudity is normalized.

    I still have things to share, events and workshops to plan, and bills to pay, so I’m doing what is accessible to me, the most convenient for members, and available to us now.
    I’m going to be active on patreon again and memberships will be available there starting now.

    Benefits to having memberships on patreon again:

    • there’s already a ton of content on there from when I regularly posted between March 2016 and November 2019
    • it’s a well known platform that has built trust with creators and their patrons over time
    • there is IT and support available if any of us need it
    • I can still offer sliding scale memberships
    • their fees are more affordable than me getting my own “high risk” merchant account
    • they’re continuously upgrading and adding new features which is much harder to do on your own (which I would be doing)
    • I can continue as normal here on for members that aren’t impacted by the Stripe closure
    • there are more membership options available for folks whether or not I get my own merchant account

    Important message for current members:

    I appreciate you so much for your understanding and patience while I’ve been figuring this out! I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused many of you (I’m still figuring out which of you are impacted!) and I hope to be able to make it up to you.

    If you’ve already received an email about a failed payment or are having trouble accessing member content here on my website, please let me know at and we can figure out next steps together.

    Whether you email me now or not, I will be personally emailing those of you I believe are impacted by the Stripe closure by the end of October. The reason I’m not emailing sooner is because I have to wait a full billing period before I know who all is impacted.

    I’m here to help if you need assistance or have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!
    Email me at

    If you already know you want to move over to patreon, you can do so here!

    I have a special offer right now, anyone who joins the 2nd tier or higher between now and the end of the month gets a free sticker and print sent to them!


    🔞 Stripe hates nudity so they closed one of my accounts which is fucking up my website store.
    💌 Not all members are impacted, I will be personally reaching out to those impacted by the end of October.
    ✨ Memberships are now available via patreon!
    🖼️ Check out my special offer for a free sticker and print if you sign up by the end of the month!

    show your support for free:
    show your support financially (sliding scale!):

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  • The Stripe saga continues…

    If you missed my previous post about Stripe (my payment processor) closing my account, you can read it here.

    Members, thank you so much for your attention, patience, and support.

    As of August 17th 2022 Stripe closed one of my accounts.

    I had 3: Bunny Luna, WC, Bookshop
    The Bunny Luna and WC account are both connected to my website and your memberships, some of you are connected to one and some of you are connected to the other.
    The WC account is the one that has been closed.
    The only way I will be able to know who is attached to the closed WC Stripe account is by which payments fail over the next month or so.

    If you get an email saying your payment has failed, that most likely means that your membership is attached to the closed account. You have done nothing wrong! I will be emailing you soon.

    Sometime in October once a full billing cycle has gone through, I will email those of you whose payments are failing with next steps. I haven’t figured out what those are yet, but it’s my top priority and I am working on it!

    The payment processors that I was hoping would work for me because they accept “high risk” merchants (I’m considered high risk because my website has nudity on it) are too expensive. Like $1000/year + $100/month + transaction fees expensive.

    I’m considering other options because it’s important to me to be able to share nude art.
    I also have to be able to pay my rent and buy groceries.

    It has gotten more and more difficult over the years to be an artist that includes nudity in my work, but I am not willing to give up. This is a rocky time right now but we will continue to move forward together. Puritanical corporations can’t stop us from being naked on the internet! We will find a way.

    If any of you know of a payment processor that integrates with wordpress and woocommerce and allows nudity, PLEASE let me know! You can comment below or email me at
    Thank you ♥

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