• Environmental Personhood

    Ever since I discovered the existence of environmental personhood I have been extremely interested in it + a huge advocate of it. The more we can do to grant nature personhood in the eyes of the law, the better. I’ve created this to share some basics about environmental personhood: what it is, examples of it around the world, + resources for further reading + exploration.

    What is environmental personhood?

    Definition of Environmental personhood:
    Environmental personhood is a legal concept which designates certain environmental entities the status of a legal person. This assigns to these entities, the rights, protections, privileges, responsibilities and legal liability of a legal personality.

    Example of environmental personhood: Ecuador
    Ecuador became the first country to include the rights of nature in its constitution. In 2007 there was a revolution “La Revolucion Ciudadana” + Rafael Correa became president. With the help of National Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador + other Indigenous groups, the country’s new constitution included a section titled “Rights of Nature” recognizing nature as a legal entity with rights.

    Example of environmental personhood: Bolivia
    Indigenous groups in Bolivia also demanded rights for nature and in 2010 the Bolivian government created the “Law of the Rights of Mother Earth” which included rights related to life, regeneration, biodiversity, water, clean air, balance, + restoration. It recognized Earth as “collective subject of public interest”. A more complete version of the law was created in 2012 called “The Framework Law of Mother Earth + Integral Development for Living Well”.

    Example of environmental personhood: New Zealand
    In 2014 Te Urewera, the ancestral home of the Tuhoe people (formerly a National Park) became New Zealand’s first environmental legal person. For over 140 years the Maori fought for recognition of the Whanganui river as their ancestor. In 2017 the river received legal status and harming the river would now be considered the same as harming the Maori. In 2018 Mount Taranaki, a volcano sacred to the Maori also became recognized as a legal person.

    Example of environmental personhood: Bangladesh
    In July 2019 all rivers in Bangladesh were granted the same legal rights as people. The goal is to protect the rivers from pollution, encroachments, + illegal dredging. Bangladesh’s National River Conservation Commission (NRCC) was appointed the legal guardian of rivers. Chairman Muzibur Rahman Howlader says “Protecting the rivers also means protecting the entire ecosystem”

    Example of environmental personhood: India
    In 2017 India ruled that the two rivers, Gangotri + Yamunotri are “living entities having the status of a legal person with all corresponding rights, duties + liabilities of a living person.” The ecosystem around the rivers was also awarded legal rights. In 2018 the animals in Haryana received the status of “legal person or entity” to promote the welfare of animals in the state. In 2020 Sukhna Lake was also given legal rights.

    Example of environmental personhood: Athens, Georgia
    There is a white oak in Athens, GA known as “The Tree That Owns Itself”. The deed reads: “For and in consideration of the great love I bear this tree and the great desire I have for its protection for all time, I convey entire possession of itself and all land within eight feet of the tree on all sides—William H. Jackson” Sadly, the tree fell in a windstorm in 1942. A seedling of the original tree was planted in its place and is known as “Son of the Tree That Owns Itself”.

    Example of environmental personhood: Eufala, Alabama
    There is an oak tree in Eufala, AL known as “The Tree That Owns Itself” aka the “Walker Oak”. A “deed of sentiment” was granted in 1935 stating that the tree was “a creation and gift of the Almighty, standing in our midst—to itself—to have and to hold itself, its branches, limbs, trunks and roots so long as it shall live.” In 1961 the oak fell in a windstorm. 10 days later, a local business planted a new oak in the same spot and ownership rights were transferred to the replacement tree.


    pg 2: definition via wikipedia
    pg 3-7: Jurist.org “Environmental Personhood: Recent Developments + the Road Ahead” by Sanket Khandelwal
    pg 5: BBC “The New Zealand river that became a legal person” by Kate Evans
    pg 6: NPR “Should Rivers Have Same Legal Rights as Humans? A Growing Number of Voices Say Yes” by Ashley Westerman
    pg 8: Atlasobscura “The Tree That Owns Itself”
    pg 9: Atlasobscura “The Tree That Owns Itself (Alabama)”
    Additional reading: “Should Trees Have Standing? – Toward Legal Rights For Natural Objects” by Christopher D Stone

  • 25 Ways to Connect With Yourself! <3

    I’ve found that self care is much more about connecting with myself than it is about buying products like face masks and bath bombs. Sure, spending time with yourself to use products like these is beneficial, but it’s not about the THINGS, it’s the TIME and INTENTION that makes all the difference.

    I sometimes struggle to be in my body, and have found that this list of self connection practices has helped remind me of the many ways that I can come into my body and spend quality time with myself.

    I invite you to choose at least one of these self connection practices to add to your daily ritual and/or routine, and see how it feels to choose yourself every day, even for just a few moments. <3


    I’ve also made a fun self connection bingo graphic, so that you can add some play to your daily rituals!

    How many days in a row can you get BINGO? Win-win-win all around!

  • Karolina Von maternity double exposures



    Hi friends! I just wanted to quickly come on here and show you my face. Hiiii I’m alive! And also share with you a photoset that I actually took really recently, last weekend May 2nd. My friend Karolina Von (I’ll link her information below because you should totally be following her on her website) she’s currently pregnant and she’s due in July and we took some double exposures of her with Glacier National Park. I think they’re absolutely gorgeous.

    I’m so humbled and thankful that she trusted me with her ever-changing body and her safety and her image for these photos. So super wonderful. I always love spending time with her. We’ve created together 4 or 5 times, she doesn’t live super far away, she lives less than an hour away from here so we’ve created together several times. You can see a bunch of our work together in the directory, in my archives. This time we took pictures of her while she’s pregnant and they’re double exposures so of course I love them, because doubles are my favorite. I just wanted to share this photoset with you. It’s the entire roll of film, all 37 images, I’m sharing the whole thing with you. I haven’t edited them at all, it’s just as they were taken. I’m pretty excited and I think they’re wonderful.

    What else do I want to say? I don’t want to say too much because I know I have the nude gathering tomorrow and posts going out about that and stuff so I don’t want to overwhelm you with too many posts. I just wanted to come on here and share this photoset with you and say hi and I love you.

    If you’re new here, I only do photos every once in a while. It used to be a regular thing but it’s not anymore. I’m shifting away from doing photography and modeling stuff and going more into the community events and queer resources and peer support kind of things so if you’re here for regular new images and videos and stuff from me you might be a little disappointed because those will come sporadically.

    I have like literal thousands of photos and videos in my archives for you to enjoy. It will take you a really really long time to get through all of them because there’s so many, there’s over 17,000 photos and over 2,000 videos so there’s no shortage of content to enjoy.

    I’m also like… if I force myself to create on a strict regular basis, like I have to create something once a week or whatever, then it ends up being me creating things because I feel like I HAVE to instead of me creating things because I’m excited and WANTING to and inspired to, and yall deserve the kind of content that I’m really excited about making instead of the content that I feel forced to make. It’s best for all of us if I’m not forcing myself to continually make something new all the time, because nobody needs that. We need time to rest and to shift gears and change and transform and yeah… so I’m giving that to myself and I hope that you give that to yourself.

    I hope you enjoy this photoset because I think it is INCREDIBLE. *mwah*

    I’m going to post a few samples below and then also the link to see the whole gallery of it so, yay enjoy! Thanks for being here! I LOVE YOU! *mwah*


  • May Virtual Nude Gathering!

    In 2019 I facilitated 3 in-person nude gatherings and knew that I NEEDED to share more of these experiences with others. Then the pandemic happened and in-person events were no longer possible, so I’ve adapted nude gatherings for the virtual realm!!

    Last month’s gathering went so well that I’m extending the length of this month’s gathering!

    Several people mentioned they wished the event would be longer… y’all requested + I heard you + think that’s a wonderful idea!

    Instead of 1 hour we’ll be gathering for 90 minutes!!


    Saturday, May 8th at 1pm eastern

    We gathered from all over the USA + the world!

    April’s attendees were from the USA, Malaysia, Germany, Netherlands + Australia.

    Some of the feedback I got from April’s nude gathering:

    “Before the gathering started I was very nervous about coming off as awkward, and also worried about how I would feel or react to a “room” full of naked bodies.
    After it was over I honestly felt lighter, and slightly liberated. I left the room feeling great. It was very inclusive and affirming. I felt heard and connected with the other participants in a safe, non-sexual way… Which was a first for me!
    I think everyone, especially those of us who hold marginalized identities, deserves the opportunity to experience nudity in this context. It can be very healing and beautiful.”

    “The somatic part was valuable. I appreciated being able to present my whole body on screen. I’m not an exhibitionist, but I do have body insecurity. Being fully seen and being accepted as I physically am and not judged is validating. Your fears and insecurities are probably based on a misconception of what the event will be like. We aren’t there to gawk at you. We aren’t there for sexual stimulation or arousal.

    “Before the gathering I felt anxious, doubtful, scared, overwhelmed. Afterwards I felt grounded, seen, heard, respected, unashamed, hopeful that society is moving in the right direction.”

    Nude gatherings are for moving past the societal conditioning that our nude bodies are inherently bad, sexual, or to be consumed by others, and reclaiming them as the magical vessels of life, love, and healing that they are.

    Nude Gathering Itinerary:

    dive in with quick tips + review of community guidelines
    introductions (name, pronouns, feeling, movement)
    group somatic practice
    (break if needed)
    group games/discussions
    (break if needed)
    journaling + feedback

    Virtual nude gatherings are for folks who:

    -appreciate and enjoy connecting with others in their community
    -are able to communicate their ideas, feelings, and opinions while respecting others
    -want to explore how it feels to be nude in a non-sexual setting
    -are curious about expanding their comfort zone

    They are NOT for folks who:

    -are only interested in nudity if it involves a sexual act of some kind
    -want to watch everyone else and not participate
    -are unable to communicate with or respect others

    If you think your friends would enjoy attending a virtual nude gathering, invite them to join!

    I’m really looking forward to gathering with you 💗

    Exploring nudity + encouraging self love,

    Bunny Luna

    PS: Members of my website get free tickets to all virtual nude gatherings!
    Members: keep an eye out for the blog coming out Saturday morning with the discount code to get in for free!

  • Menstruation memes!!

    I was sharing memes on instagram that included nude images but deleted them all when ig did their most recent update to the terms of service because I was scared of getting my account deleted AGAIN. My original account with 22.6k followers got deleted in October 2018 and I never got it back, so I really would like that to NOT happen again.

    I still love the memes that I made and want to share them, so here are some of the ones that I used to have on my ig before I deleted them!

    Original caption:

    Started bleeding yesterday during the full moon so HERE COME THE MENSTRUATION MEMES!

    Almost any time I’m in a group of people with vulvas, at some point we end up talking about menstruation and I LOVE IT. I realize that a LOT of menstruators didn’t have a positive education or role model to teach them about their cycle so I want to normalize menstruation and discussions around it.

    I’ve heard some horror stories about how folks first learned about menstruation and I don’t want anyone to have to go through a traumatic experience their first or 30th or 100th time having their period. Our bodies do this wonderful magical thing every month and we all deserve to be able to AT LEAST talk about it with each other and have resources available to us ABOUT OUR OWN BODIES!

    Do you have a menstruation story you want to share? I’ll go first and share my story of my first time bleeding in the comments.

    My first period: I was in 4th grade (yeah I started really young) and I was at the park with my mom and sister. I went to the bathroom to pee and when I wiped I saw BLOOD. At first I was scared but then I remembered that Mommy bleeds sometimes and that it’s a normal thing for some peoples bodies to do. When I left the bathroom I told my mom about it and she told me this was a special time in my life and that it means I’m growing up. After we went home, she took me out to eat, just me and her. She made me a bracelet to commemorate that time in my life, and she helped me with period products so I’d be prepared and not accidentally make a mess in my clothes. I realize that not everyone has positive “I just started my period for the first time” experiences, but I am so thankful that I was able to have these conversations with my mom.

    Photo: Liam Woods / Portraitmami
    Model/meme: me, Bunny Luna

    Original caption:

    It’s important for me to talk about gender in conversations about menstruation, because I’ve seen a lot of transphobic discourse around this topic.

    There are women who do not menstruate (for a variety of reasons), and there are menstruators who are not women (myself included).

    An incomplete list of women who do not menstruate: trans women, women who have had hysterectomies, women who have gone through menopause, some intersex folks.

    An incomplete list of menstruators who are not women: trans men, some non binary folks, some intersex folks.

    Menstruation is something that impacts people of many genders, so when talking about menstruation please make sure you’re doing it in a way that’s inclusive.

    Photo: Liam Woods / Portraitmami
    Model/meme: me, Bunny Luna

    Original caption:

    I have more to say about this than there is room in an ig caption, so here’s a list of thoughts…

    -menstrual blood has healing powers
    -menstrual blood is not “dirty” or “gross”, it is literally used to GROW A HUMAN BABY. If that’s not powerful magic then I don’t know what is
    -abortion is a human right
    -folks with vulvas aren’t solely here to procreate, and not everyone with a vulva even wants to have children
    -every person has the right to choose what they do with/to/for their body
    -menstruating humans have the ability to harness the healing and creative power of their menstrual blood
    -I love using my blood for face masks and blood baths, the stem cells in my blood were MADE BY ME FOR ME and are excellent for my skin (you can do the same with yours too!)
    -my blood connects me to the Earth and to myself, reminding me that I go through my own cycles of death and rebirth

    Do you have anything to share about menstruation? I’d love to talk about the power of our bodies in the comments!

    Photo: Liam Woods / Portraitmami
    Model/meme: me, Bunny Luna

  • Ecosexual memes!!

    I was sharing memes on instagram that included nude images but deleted them all when ig did their most recent update to the terms of service because I was scared of getting my account deleted AGAIN. My original account with 22.6k followers got deleted in October 2018 and I never got it back, so I really would like that to NOT happen again.

    I still love the memes that I made and want to share them, so here are some of the ones that I used to have on my ig before I deleted them!

    Original caption:

    I first heard about ecosexuality through Charles Eisenstein’s essay “The Ecosexual Awakening” and ever since then my life has changed. I now see my entire life through an ecosexual lens. I truly believe that ecosexuality can assist in healing our society and our world.

    I personally avoid saying “mother Earth” because mothers are (unfortunately, thanks to patriarchy) frequently exploited. It’s assumed that mothers are required to do all or most of the housework, cooking, childcare, etc and their work usually is unpaid and unappreciated. I have no intention of doing this to my actual mother or to the Earth.

    My relationship to the Earth is one of reverence, worship, wonder, and love. I view the Earth as a best friend, teacher, partner, and lover. I strive to live my life in loving relationship to the Earth and receive such immense pleasure from simply being with and spending time with the Earth.

    The Earth is sacred. We must treat it as sacred.

    Photo, model + meme: me, Bunny Luna (self portrait in Utah during my 2019 cross country road trip)

    Original caption:

    I personally use both ecosexual and demisexual as my primary sexual and romantic identities. Ecodemisexual maybe? Can I make that a thing? I think I will! It’s my own label so I am able to use what works best for ME.

    If you consider yourself an ecosexual, you’re able to use that label in the way that works best for you. Anyone who says you SHOULD or HAVE TO use a label doesn’t have the right to do that, only you get to decide what label(s) work(s) best for you. The label(s) you use may or may not change over time, and that’s okay! Only you know what label(s) describe you best. How you identify is up to you, not anyone else.

    Do you consider yourself an ecosexual? I have a feeling that more people probably are than they realize, simply because most people aren’t aware of what ecosexuality is. The understanding of labels makes it easier for us to know which ones are right for us.

    Photo/model/meme: me, Bunny Luna (self portrait in Utah)

    Original caption:

    Ecosexuality as an identity/label covers a broad range of experiences and in my opinion can be used to describe many different things about someone. For example: sexual attraction to others (including the Earth) while also covering a range of sexual desires (from asexual to allosexual), the importance of ecological health and healing to an individual, and their understanding of the interconnectedness of all beings, creatures, ecosystems, and life on Earth.

    For me, as an agender trans person, most sexuality labels didn’t feel like they fit me because of the gender component of a lot of LGBTQIA+ labels, some are too narrow and some are too broad. It took me a long time to find a label that fit me, that felt GOOD to use and felt TRUE to my lived experience. Ecosexuality allows me to explain my attraction to others in a way that includes the nuance of my gender, my demisexuality, and my passion and love for the Earth.

    To be specific, I am ecodemi, and for me that means I am attracted to people of many gender expressions, and it’s the connection and interaction that I have with them, and the way they show up in the world, that determines my attraction to them.

    Your specific definition of your ecosexuality may be similar to mine, or it may be completely different. That’s the beauty and magic of ecosexuality, as long as it includes the Earth as a lover, it can mean something different for each of us.

    What’s your flavor of ecosexuality? Comment below, I’d love to hear your perspective/experience!

    Photo/model/meme: me, Bunny Luna (self portrait in Utah)

    Original caption:

    Have you ever seen a flower dripping with dew on a spring morning and marveled at its beauty and eroticism, feeling the urge to put your mouth on its delicate petals?
    Have you ever felt your body come alive after jumping naked into a river, flushed with excitement and pleasure?
    Have you ever become aroused while surrounded by a forest of tall thick trees, their presence changing something deep inside of you?
    Do you yearn for the warmth of the sun’s rays on your skin, the cool squish of mud between your toes, the gentle breeze softly reminding you that we all exist on an Earth that offers infinite sensual pleasures?

    If you feel a connection to any of those questions, or a longing for these sensual experiences, you might be an ecosexual.

    What is your favorite way to connect to the erotic, sensual Earth?

    Photo/model/meme: me, Bunny Luna (self portrait in Utah)

    Original caption:

    I want to talk about two topics that honestly deserve their own individual posts: sex and consent.

    Let’s rethink our definition of what sex is. In this cisheteropatriarchal society, we are conditioned to believe that sex is P in V penetration. This definition excludes many people from the sex conversation, including but not limited to queer and disabled folks.

    I invite us to redefine sex as any consensual, meaningful, pleasurable experience. This gives ALL of us room to define what sex is to us, individually. This means that a lot of us are probably having sex much more than we ever thought we were before.

    Notice that this definition of sex includes CONSENT? This is extremely important, because if you don’t have consent, then it’s not sex, it’s rape.

    Consent in relationship to the Earth is just as important as consent with people. It is possible to communicate with and receive consent from the Earth, it just doesn’t include the language that we are used to (verbal consent). Consent from the Earth may come in the form of an energetic pull or a felt sense knowing. It may come in the form of a dream or a whisper in the wind. It may come in the form of a being joining you in meditation to give you a message or a sign.

    Consent with the Earth isn’t always as straightforward as consent with people. We have to listen harder, feel deeper, and trust that the Earth will share their message with us when they are ready. We must not rush, or push, or pry, or force. We must be quiet, and open to receive.

    Have you received consent from the Earth? What was that experience like for you?

    Photo/model/meme: me, Bunny Luna (self portrait in Utah)

    Original caption:

    If we have learned one thing from this pandemic, it’s that we are ALL interconnected. This doesn’t only involve the interconnectedness of people, but also our connection to animals, plants, insects, bacteria, forests, oceans, deserts, rivers. We all exist together on this planet, we are all connected, and we all influence each other whether we realize it or not.

    Part of my personal ecosexuality is recognizing the impact of colonization, cisheteropatriarchy, white supremacy, capitalism, racism, ageism, ableism (…all the -isms). Recognizing that these systems of oppression exist and impact each other and every one of us (including the Earth). As beings existing on this planet at this time we are all a part of these systems, whether we realize it or not, whether we see the direct impact we make or not.

    This also means that we each individually have the potential to make POSITIVE CHANGE in ourselves and our communities, which in turn impacts the rest of the planet. Every action and every inaction adds up for each and every one of us.

    Imagine what the world would be like if we all collectively chose to live in right relationship with the Earth and each other. If we all actively put in the work to decolonize societies and the planet. If we all live from a heart-centered place, with healthy boundaries and an understanding of how powerful we are. If we all live our lives from a place of love, compassion, generosity, and empathy instead of from a place of fear and separation. This is the world I want to live in.

    When did you first realize how connected you are to the rest of the world?

    Photo/model/meme: me, Bunny Luna (self portrait in Utah)

  • MEMES! Gender, labels, + consent, oh my!

    I was sharing memes on instagram that included nude images but deleted them all when ig did their most recent update to the terms of service because I was scared of getting my account deleted AGAIN. My original account with 22.6k followers got deleted in October 2018 and I never got it back, so I really would like that to NOT happen again.

    I still love the memes that I made and want to share them, so here are some of the ones that I used to have on my ig before I deleted them!

    Original caption:

    Photo: Chip Willis
    Model + meme: me, Bunny Luna

    I am angry today so I am channeling that anger into making my first ever meme. Hah, it’s funny that I’m choosing this as my first post since my hibernation. (TW: breach of consent) This meme is dedicated to the TWO middle aged white men who assumed it was okay to touch me without consent yesterday.

    They obviously felt entitled to my body because I have a vulva and am younger than them? One rubbed my freshly cut hair on the top of my head, without asking or commenting or anything, just touched me out of nowhere. The other literally pulled me by the arm so I could pose for him in front of some photos of mine, and then proceeded to move my arm to get me to pose in a certain way. He didn’t even ASK if I wanted to take a photo. I told him my rates, and he laughed.

    Original caption:

    Labels are complicated, and have the potential to be both positive AND negative. As someone who has learned a lot about themself over the last year, and changed quite a bit, labels have been something I’ve honestly struggled with. It’s easy to say that labels are not important, and they don’t have to be if you don’t want them to, but for some people they’re incredibly important, especially when you’re trying to figure out who you are.

    Labels are positive in that they help us figure out what space we occupy in the world, they help us describe ourselves to others, and they help us find community and people who are similar to us. Labels can be negative when people assume incorrect things about us, put is in boxes that don’t fit us, or when they refuse to see us for who we really are.

    It feels awful to be labeled as something you’re not, and it feels amazing and is so affirming when someone uses the correct label(s) to describe you. No matter what, only YOU can choose what labels are right for you. There is nobody who knows you better than yourself.

    Some labels that I personally use because they feel right and true for me: non binary, queer, ecosexual, non monogamous, artist, witch, demisexual, creative, sproutling (my mom came up with this to describe me to others instead of saying that I’m her adult child and I love it!)

    What labels do you use that feel authentic to you?

    Self portrait taken in Utah during my 69 day cross country road trip in 2019 (before I cut my hair obviously).

    Original caption:

    Never touch anyone without their explicit consent. Yes, this includes hugs with friends and family, asking or talking about someone’s tattoos/clothes/hair, directing a model for a photoshoot, posing with another model, kissing your crush…

    The ONLY exception to this that I can think of is if that person is in immediate danger and there is literally no time to ask for consent.

    Keep in mind, consent is not only for physical touch. You should also get consent when flirting with someone, commenting on someone’s body, sharing difficult or potentially triggering information, sharing a story someone told you with someone else, posting photos of people… basically if it involves someone else, you probably need their consent.

    Have something to share about consent? I’d love to read your thoughts/stories in the comments!

    Words: Douglas Pierce
    Photo + meme: me, Bunny Luna (self portrait in Utah)

    I didn’t save the caption for this one, but it’s pretty self explanatory. =]

    Original caption:

    I am not the person I was a year ago, or last week, or yesterday. You probably aren’t either. We are all on perpetual journeys of growth and expansion. Every day we learn something about ourselves, every day we become a newer version of who we know ourselves to be.

    Without change there is no innovation, no deeper understanding, no growth. You are a bottomless ocean filled with gifts unknown, until you dive in and explore your depths.

    Photo + meme: me, Bunny Luna (self portrait in Colorado)

    Original caption:

    I recently had a really difficult conversation about my gender with a family member who is unwilling to do the work to understand and accept me for who I am. Their response to my being non binary was that I’ going through an “identity crisis” and it’s something that I’ll “grow out of” once I figure myself out.

    It’s especially frustrating to me that they feel that way, because I know myself better now that I ever have. I know that I can’t make them see me for who I truly am, and that’s their work to do, not mine. It still hurts that someone I love doesn’t actually know me and instead chooses to only see me as the person they thought I was when I was younger and didn’t know myself.

    I will continue to correct them when they misgender me (which is something I am constantly struggling with and tend to just stay quiet about it), because I want them to know that this is ME, not an “identity crisis” that I’ll “grow out of”

    Sending lots of love to all of my trans siblings who have to deal with this every day. It’s really hard, and you deserve to be honored and acknowledged in your gender. I see you. I honor you. You are valid and important and I love you for WHO YOU ARE.

    Photo/meme: me, Bunny Luna (self portrait in Colorado)

    Original caption:

    I moved through the first 28ish years of my life carrying the layers of expectations and assumptions of society that were thrown on top of me as a child before I knew I had any other option. Now that I know more about how the world works, I realize that I’ve been holding on to many things that are not truly mine. Parts of me buckled under that oppressive weight of binary gender, compulsory cis hetero monogamy, religion, racism, and capitalism (among others).

    I am choosing to let go of the layers of anything that is not for the benefit of myself and the earth. It is a constant shedding, and it is not easy, but it is worth it. I wake every day with less of what isn’t mine so that I can understand what truly IS for me. I learn who I am by questioning.

    Self portrait in Colorado


    I originally wrote this for Patreon on December 16th 2017. I no longer use Patreon and have replaced it with my website (here) but thought I would share some of my old blogs with you for FREE to show my appreciation for you visiting my website! <3


    Yay I’m excited to share this self portrait set with you! I took it in August when I went to Tampa to take my brother in law’s girlfriend’s maternity photos. She was even comfortable with me taking a few rolls of her nude, and has allowed me to share them with you! That set is for some time in the future (but First Look members have access to it now!). Back to this set, now that I have you all excited about that future maternity set haha sorry for the tease!

    I took this self portrait set in the airbnb I stayed in on the very first morning I was there. I took advantage of the morning light, and you probably recognize that kitchen! I’ve already shared a digital self portrait set I shot there the same day. It was really wonderful to wake up and have an entire house all to myself to do whatever I wanted. Of course I wanted to take a bunch of photos for all of you! This is when I used my Nikon N80 for the first time, and I took a chance and used expired film on top of not testing out the camera before I left, which I probably should have done. I guess I’m super lucky that there was nothing wrong with the camera OR the film! I just got some fun funky colors, but I love that kind of unexpected surprise from expired film. I shot an expired roll once that all the photos came out in pinks and purples! I will probably never stop shooting film, it is absolutely my favorite artistic medium. Film forever! <3


    Video members have a bunch of awesome new videos to watch! I’ve added a 7.5 minute video of me nude exploring shapes and body movements AND I’ve also added 6 aerial silks videos to the galleries!

    All members have access to this complete 24 image photoset by clicking here, the 7.5 minute video of me nude exploring shapes and body movements by clicking here, and 6 aerial silks videos by clicking here.


    I originally wrote this for Patreon on December 9th 2017. I no longer use Patreon and have replaced it with my website (here) but thought I would share some of my old blogs with you for FREE to show my appreciation for you visiting my website! <3


    My trip to Philly over the summer was ridiculously productive and I love it!  I tend to have cycles of being really creative and productive and then I go through stretches of time when I barely create at all. I’ve been so busy with my new(ish) job at the camera store, going to aerial silks classes twice a week, modeling for figure drawing sessions, spending time at home with Antisocialdisposition, and visiting family over the holidays that I’ve only had a handful of shoots over the past few months. I’ve not modeled much recently, I’ve mostly been photographing others. I’m working on allowing myself to follow my natural currents and cycles and so far I think it’s worked pretty well for me. I realize that I shouldn’t push myself so much to do things that I feel like I SHOULD do when I don’t really feel like doing them. If I just follow the natural flow of my life things tend to work out better. Sometimes it’s a struggle but I’m working on letting go, listening, and allowing. <3

    I’m sharing three sets from two different shoots: when I photographed Tiffany Helms & Caitlin Michele in an abandoned building, and when DWL Photo and I found an awesome tunnel. I’ve posted several blogs with sets from my Philly trip already: photos I took of Vex Voir & Luna Dahlia, photos Tiffany Helms & Jeff Waters took of me, other sets taken by DWL Photo, and sets taken by Vinny Kim. I even have a few more sets to share, can you believe it?! I can’t wait to go on another adventure full of exploring new places and creating to my heart’s content!


    There’s now have a bts location video from my shoot with DWL Photo to watch, along with a 9.5 minute video of me doing yoga in my back yard over the summer (I miss warmth!!!) and a 8 minute timelapse video of me organizing my film (I took my shirt off halfway through haha).

    All members have access to this complete 9 image photoset of Tiffany Helms by clicking here, the 8 image photoset of Caitlin Michele by clicking here, the 16 image photoset taken by DWL photo by clicking here, the bts location video from my shoot with DWL Photo by clicking here, the 9.5 minute video of me doing yoga in my back yard over the summer by clicking here, and a 8 minute timelapse video of me organizing my film by clicking here.