We Are Interconnected

Hi, I’m Bunny Luna (they/them), a queer agender ecosexual witch whose work honors the interconnectedness of creativity, exploration, self-discovery, + healing. My nude self-portraits + 35mm film double exposures have been shown in galleries across the country + published internationally. I have facilitated creative healing community events since 2016 both in-person + online with the intention to elevate + support the community through honoring the sacred uniqueness of life + enabling experiences of love + openhearted connection with people of diverse backgrounds.

We Are Interconnected tells the visual story of our interdependence with nature. Double exposures blur the line between self + other, opening us up to the magic of the unknown while cocreating with the universe. Nudity shows us that there is strength in vulnerability, sharing who we are because we have nothing to hide. Removing layers of expectations and assumptions, we remember we are unique parts of a whole. We are each other. We Are Interconnected.

Much appreciation to Chalice Bartsch of Unorthodox Studios, Nine Eighteen Nine Studio Gallery, + The VAPA Center for making this pop up exhibition possible!!!

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My worst nightmare is getting pregnant, so I’m saving up to prevent that from ever happening.
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self care
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Collaborators (in order of appearance on this page):

Ravyn Alexa
Tiffany Helms
Prana Machine
Hannah Elisabeth
Analogue Papi
Earthy Eva
Bunny Luna (self portrait)
Ambivalent Ann
Karolina Von
Dawn Iler
Roarie Yum
Lior Allay
Liana Pilar

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