I originally wrote this for Patreon on June 25 2016. I no longer use Patreon and have replaced it with my website (here) but thought I would share some of my old blogs with you for FREE to show my appreciation for you visiting my website! <3


    A week from today we’ll be leaving for Colorado! I’m so so so excited. There will be lots of hiking and nature and photos. And driving. Lots of driving. It’s about a 24 hour drive to get there. We’ve turned the back of my little hatchback into a tiny bed so that we can switch off driving and sleeping. The goal is to get there as quickly as possible! But we might make some stops along the way to stretch our legs and walk around in cities we haven’t been to before. Who knows. It’s going to be an adventure! We really don’t have much planned other than what city or national park we’ll be in each day. I’m usually a super planner and have EVERYTHING planned, almost down to the hour. I’ve been changing a lot this year so I’m excited to make the plans as we go along. This is so not 2015 Bunny but 2016 Bunny is kinda scared and mostly thrilled. We’ll be staying with a friend in Denver and most likely camping/roughing it in the national parks. We might possibly get an airbnb or cheap hotel at some point. Anything is possible when you don’t have a solid plan!

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  • Double Exposures!!! <3

    I feel like I’m always talking about double exposures… well, probably because I am. I love them. They’re my favorite kind of image to create. They’re magickal. They’re serendipitous. They’re always a surprise and I love giving control to the universe.

    You might be wondering… what the heck is a double exposure?!

    A double exposure is when two (or more) images are taken on the same piece of film. When two (or more) images are superimposed to create a single image. A lot of people do this with photoshop or fancy apps now, but the kind of double exposures that *I* am always talking about are taken on FILM. Analogue. 35mm or medium format film. These are TRULY magickal to me.

    I took my first double exposure on accident, in a Holga camera (does anyone remember those?!). I took a photo, forgot to wind the film, and took another photo. The two images overlapped each other to create one single image! I was amazed and fell in love immediately.

    You mean I can take a photo of a landscape, and then take a photo of a person in a studio or an empty room or next to a tree, and the end result makes the person look like they’re IN the landscape?! THEY BECOME A PART OF THE LANDSCAPE?! Hell YES!!!

    If you know me or if you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know that I am ecosexual and that the earth, the environment, natural landscapes are where my heart is, where my SOUL is. The fact that I am able to take images that make it look like people BECOME A PART OF the environment makes me so incredibly happy. Being one with ferns, waterfalls as shimmering “clothes”, a crown of butterflies in flight.

    It’s important for me to show people that we are not separate from the earth, we are a part of it. We are all connected and this planet, our home, everything we’ve ever known, is the MOST IMPORTANT thing and needs to be loved, protected, cherished. I hope that my double exposures help people see that.

    Okay, enough explanation. The images will tell you more than I ever could with words.

    With Kyotocat in collaboration with Antisocialdisposition


    Pure Rebel

    Self portrait with Quinn Sanguine

    Roarie Yum

    Colorvibes & Swann

    Alf Posen

    Maya Tihtiyas


    Maya Tihtiyas

    Karolina Von

    Rebby Kern

    With Tiffany Nacke in collaboration with Antisocialdisposition

    Hannah Elizabeth


    Really magickal, right?! Now you know why I LOVE double exposures so much!

    I am in the process of creating a double exposure course with all of my tips and tricks for getting the most out of your double exposures! If you want to be the first to know when it’s available, join my mailing list (go to my home page, scroll all the way down, and enter your email!)

    Want to create your own but don’t know how and want to start RIGHT NOW?
    Guess what?! I took several rolls of landscapes while I was on my 2 month solo cross country trip that are READY TO GO for doubles!

    All you need to do is load one of these special one of a kind rolls into your 35mm camera and take photos! When you get them developed, your images will be double exposed with some of the landscapes that I took while I was traveling!

    I only have a few rolls available, so get one while they last! LIMITED TIME AVAILABILITY!
    If some of the rolls don’t sell before my birthday (November 30th) I’ll be gifting them to myself!

    Here are a few of the rolls available to give you an idea of what kind of images you can double over…

    I’m even doing a raffle for 2 of the rolls so you have a chance to get one for only $3.33!!!

    Raffles are until they sell out. Only 30 tickets, a 1/30 chance of winning!
    Several tickets have already been sold, get them while you can!


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