• 25 Ways To Express Your Ecosexuality

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    Hello. Last week I talked about “you might be ecosexual if…” This week I’m kind of staying on that ecosexual theme and I have a list of 25 ways to express your Ecosexuality. This is a not a comprehensive list. It’s just 25 things that I came up with like, on the spot and feel free to do any of these things or none of them it’s totally up to you. This is just something I want to offer for you and all of these have a connection to Ecosexuality, even if you are like, “I don’t know how that is connected to ecosexuality.” If you are wondering how it is connected to ecosexuality, I’ll link my like whole huge post about Ecosexuality and the caption below so you can do a little more looking up on it if you’re like, “how does this relate to this?” Yeah, or you can ask me a question, like you can comment and be like, tell me more or you can email me. Yeah, I maybe I’ll make another video about it. Okay, here we go.


    I wrote it down so I wouldn’t forget.

    25 ways to express your ecosexuality!

    Number 1, put your bare feet on the Earth. Please do it. It feels so good. Also like scientifically, it’s super good for you. Even if you did nothing else, putting your feet on the ground is so good for your physical, mental, spiritual health. And even if you’re not, woowoo, like you can look up like scientific things that say like, it helps with your blood pressure and it helps you feel less depressed but also science isn’t like the end-all be-all of like what is important to know. I have a lot of things to say about that, but that’s not for this video.

    Number 2, smell a flower or look at a flower. Or just yeah, enjoy flowers.

    Number 3, savor the flavor of a sweet fruit, especially like a juicy peach. I love peaches. Ah fruit. Actually, they have. Have you ever had cotton candy grapes? They exist, and they really do taste like cotton candy and oh my goodness. So yeah. Enjoy some sweet fruit because yeah, that is just a really enjoyable way to express your Ecosexuality.

    Number 4, sit quietly and listen to the sounds of birds and bugs. I am 100% convinced that that is sound healing. There’s a video on the internet of a frog singing, but it’s sitting in a puddle and you can see the ripples of sound going out from it because it’s sitting in a puddle. It is the most Magical video and it’s my favorite video that I’ve ever seen on the internet ever. I like, I’m not even kidding. I watch it on a regular basis. I saved it on my phone because like I need to see this all the time. Yeah. I’m convinced that the songs of creatures, including humans, but especially like birds and frogs for me personally are sound healing. And are like, little love notes from the universe and from the Earth and from the beings who are creating the songs. Okay.

    WATCH THE FROG VIDEO HERE!!!! AHHHHH!!! (Actually I’m pretty sure it’s a toad and not a frog but whatever)

    Number 5, watch the wind in the trees. I feel like this is kind of self-explanatory, but I super love trees a lot. As you can see I’ve like put a bunch of trees on myself permanently forever and ever, trees are important, and just seeing them and the way that they move in the wind… It’s magical.

    Number 6, take a hike and admire the life all around you. Let that sink in for a second. It just feels good for me to be outside. And walking around… I could walk forever. I feel like as a Sagittarius… yeah, I like hiking a lot.

    Number 7, swim naked especially if you can do it below a waterfall. Super magical. Skinny-dipping in general, feels really great but being in like a cold mountain river like near a waterfall. I can’t even explain how magical it is if you haven’t experienced that before.

    Number 8, follow the cycles of the Moon and learn how they connect to yourself and your feelings, and/or your body. So this is one that will take a little bit of time. It’s not like an immediate thing because usually noticing cycles will take at least a few months. So I have a journal and that helps me with that. Yeah

    Number 9, cuddle! Enjoy the feeling of physical touch with another being, whether it’s a human or an animal. Yeah, just use your senses. Any way you can use your senses. I’m just giving you a bunch of cute suggestions. But yeah, like just using your senses and being in your body is a great way to express your Ecosexuality.

    Number 10, honor the seasons of your life. We all must slow down and rest in order to be able to keep going. There is a reason that there are seasons on the planet. Like there’s, you know, spring summer fall winter. Because nothing can be going all the time forever infinitely, which is the same for us. We also need to take breaks. So honoring that and allowing yourself to slow down when you need to is a really big important thing. 

    Number 11, plant an herb, veggie or flower garden. Any kind of garden, just more plants, even if you don’t have land you can get a little house plant and nurture that.

    Number 12, talk to, hug, love on trees and plants and rocks, and I’m serious, like, I actually hug trees. It’s really wonderful. Just spending some time close to a tree even if you’re not touching it, if you’re like, “I don’t want to touch a tree”, even if you’re just like sitting underneath it for a while just kind of sharing your energy with it. Powerful.

    Number 13, pick up trash. Even if it’s not yours. This is something I do a lot. Sometimes I’ll even just carry a small trash bag with me when I go on walks because sometimes it’s really a mess and even if it’s not my trash, I think it’s important for there to not be trash everywhere, especially if I’m in nature. I feel like it’s just like a sign of basic respect to the planet to not have trash everywhere.

    Number 14, learn more about yourself without the constraints of societal expectations and norms. This is kind of a harder one and one that takes a lot of time and that’s okay. I have some stories about gender things and sexuality things and if you care to look for those, I can find them. Yeah, let me know in the comments if you want me to find them and then I’ll find them but it will take me a little bit I think. Yeah, but getting to know yourself is kind of important, but also kind of really difficult. 

    Number 15, protest for Black Lives Matter in any way you’re capable of, or maybe for land conservation, or maybe, for Reproductive Justice, whatever is important to you personally and is being attacked by the people that are in power at the moment. Yeah, it’s important to stand up for what is important to you and that is definitely an ecosexual act is if you’re trying to protect the things that you care about.

    Number 16, pay reparations to Black and Indigenous folks. This one goes a lot along with the one previous. But yeah, if you’re someone that has wealth, definitely redistribute it as much as you’re able to. I definitely strive to do that myself. I have a couple of recurring places that I donate to every month. And I donate to individuals in need as often as I’m able to, usually on a monthly basis too. Yeah, like if you have any kind of power, whether that’s financial power or any other kind of power, let’s use it for good.

    Number 17, play outside in whatever way feels fun and rejuvenating to you. Just running around or even even if just like sitting and reading as your way of playing and you’re like, “I don’t want to get dirty”, whatever feels good to you. Just be outside and some way that is enjoyable. 

    Number 18, get a house plant and become friends with it. I kind of talked about this when I was talking about making a garden. But yeah, if you don’t have the space for an actual Garden, you can still have plants around.

    Number 19, ride a bike. This is just another way to like, get outside.

    Number 20, protect clean water, and ban toxic pollutants. That’s kind of self-explanatory. We cannot exist without water and obviously if it is contaminated, we can’t survive on contaminated water.

    Number 21, invest in your local community in whatever way that means for you. Everybody has a different role to play and everybody has different abilities and financial access and needs and time that’s available. So whatever works for you, invest in your local community. 

    Number 22, have a picnic outside under a tree, even better if it’s with someone that you care about.

    Number 23, lay in the grass and look up at the clouds, or the stars, depending on what time of day. This is so calming to me and it kind of gives you like a dual benefit in like, you have something cool to look at and talk to about with someone you care about or if you’re by yourself, you can use your imagination and your lying on the ground, hopefully. Getting that grounding that Earthing, that connection to the Earth with your body. So good!

    Number 24, learn about permaculture. If you don’t know what a permaculture is. It’s basically like farming but in a way that is sustainable and able to be continued throughout time and without needing a whole bunch of maintenance constantly and definitely not using bunch of  toxic chemicals and fertilizers and shit. 

    Number 25, learn about animism. I kind of talked about animism a little bit. I don’t… was it this video or the last video? Either way, learn about am animism. It’s a, it’s beautiful.

    This video is really long already, so I’m going to stop here, but I love you. Thank you so much for being here. It means the world’s me that you keep coming back to my website, and I hope to see you again soon.

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  • You Might Be An Ecosexual If…

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    Hello, good morning. Well, it might not be morning where you are, but it’s morning for me. I just woke up like less than 30 minutes ago, but I’m excited to talk to you about stuff right now, and I haven’t been excited for the past few days, for some reason. But I have the energy for it now so I’m excited to talk about stuff and share with you! I’ve kinda been doing themed months sortof for a little bit but I’m kinda gonna not be super themed for this month and that’s okay! Because I’m changing all the time and the only constant is change and I like to be flexible and I feel like if I’m too rigid with myself then it becomes not fun anymore, so I’m allowing myself flexibility because this is my website, and if I’m not flexible on my own website then how am I gonna be flexible anywhere else?

    So today I wanna share with you some information about how you might be an ecosexual if… and then I have a list for you. So if you’re brand new to my website and you’re like “what on Earth is an ecosexual?” The basic definition is someone who sees the Earth as a lover or a partner instead of as a resource to exploit. You can chew on that for a little bit. I’ll link it below, I have a whole page full of a bunch of videos all about ecosexuality so if you want to dive deeper into that I’ll link it in the caption below. If you’re like “I still don’t understand!” I literally have hours of me talking about this, so you can pause this and come back to it when you have a deeper understanding of what I’m talking about if you want. Or if you already know what I’m talking about, let’s go!


    So I wrote a list so I won’t forget anything so I’m probably going to be reading it some, I have a big notebook, it’s so big it’s bigger than my head! So I was thinking because I feel like there’s a lot of people that are like “I think I might be an ecosexual but I’m not sure” and they come to me asking if they are… and I pretty much always tell them, that’s not my decision to label you. You get to decide what labels and descriptive words fit you the best and if something feels good then that is something for you, and if it doesn’t feel good, then ignore it, it doesn’t have to be you. You get to choose. So even if some of these things apply to you or you resonate with them, but you’re like “I don’t really feel like an ecosexual”, then that’s cool! You’re not. These are just ways that you might notice that you really care about the Earth. So here we go!

    You might be an ecosexual if…

    You had a meltdown as a child when you learned what extinction was. I know I certainly did, I remember sitting on the stairs in my parent’s house, which is here where I currently am. Just, you know, maybe 50 feet that way, on the stairs. I remember I was I don’t know, maybe 6 or 7, and I literally cried for HOURS just sitting on the stairs just miserable and overwhelmed with sadness about how extinction exists when I learned that it’s a thing. It broke my heart into a million pieces. You might be an ecosexual if you had a similar experience, because I definitely had that experience.

    You might be an ecosexual if you have a very strong connection to another living being such as another human or maybe a non human like a pet or an animal or a tree or a plant. If you feel really connected to another living being, you might be an ecosexual.

    You might be an ecosexual if you love the tender act of tending to a garden and you rejoice at the sight, smell, sound, taste and feeling of it. I don’t really have my own garden, but sometimes I help my mom with hers and she has gardens like all around the house and it makes me super joyful to see, especially in spring time like this time of year, everything’s coming back alive after being all like, gray, and brown and dead for the winter. I just get so joyful, seeing all the like, fresh green, baby leaves everywhere and like, flowers blooming, it just… it feels like I’m coming alive again, too.

    You might be an ecosexual if you have a spiritual connection with the Earth. I feel like my ecosexuality is connected to animism. It’s a different thing but it’s… they kind of really go hand-in-hand and if you don’t know what animism is, it’s basically kind of like a point of view. I don’t think it would be called like a religion because it’s  not organized like that, but it’s more of like a point of view or a way that you see life and it’s where you see everything as being its own like living being like… I see trees and rivers and rocks as being living beings, just as much as I see, like cats and dogs and horses and humans being living beings. And they all have some important reason for being here. My personal view as yeah, there’s a purpose for everything that is here because if its here, that means it has a purpose and even if it’s something we don’t understand, we don’t have to understand everything, but just the fact that it’s here, life wanted it to be here. And that’s why it’s here… even things like mosquitoes and slugs. I love slugs. I don’t like mosquitoes as much, but like, mosquitoes and like wasps and things that are not necessarily the most fun, but they do have a purpose. Even if we don’t understand what that purpose is. In my opinion.

    You might be an ecosexual if you prefer to spend time outdoors instead of inside, which is definitely me. And the only reason I’m not outside right now is because it’s kind of cold this morning and I just woke up and I don’t want to be like shivering while I’m trying to make a video. Yeah. So if you prefer being outside over being inside, you might be an ecosexual. 

    This one kind of really goes along with the last one, but you might be an ecosexual if you feel claustrophobic and kind of just generally uncomfortable in big cities, but feel really at home in  really rural areas where there’s more trees and more open like land that’s undeveloped. I actually have been in contact with City representatives for where I live to talk about how can they please stop developing all of this land around the city that I live in because literally, they’re cutting down our lungs, which are the trees and we’re going to like… we’re going to run it out of natural spaces if we keep it, developing it all and we need the natural spaces in order to be able to survive as like a species on this planet! I digress.

    You might be an ecosexual if you enjoy and receive pleasure from the Earth. And this one is kind of very broad and I definitely enjoy being outside and being connected to the Earth and I definitely receive pleasure from the Earth in so many ways, like just standing in the sunlight and having the sun on your face just feels so good to me as long as not like for hours and hours and get sunburned. Or just like being outside having my feet on the ground and just feeling the breeze on my skin. There’s… walking through a forest, the way it smells. Yeah, I just, I could talk about all the wonderful ways that I love the Earth, but we would be here for a really long time if I did that.

    So that is my list. It’s kind of short but that is my list of signs that you might be an ecosexual. If you would like to use the ecosexual label for yourself, feel free. If the ecosexual label does not feel right for you, you don’t have to use it. It’s that simple. You get to choose. These are just some small guidelines, maybe to help you think about it if you’re not sure and you’re kind of on the fence and this is, of course not an exhaustive list because there’s so many other signs that you might be an ecosexual, but that’s just what was on the top of my head at the time that I wrote it.

    I hope you have a great day. This video is getting long, so I’m going to end here. But I love you so much and thank you for being here. It means so much. I literally could not do what I do without you. So you are what makes all this happen. You’re basically like my life sponsors. Yeah, so thank you so much. I’m excited to keep creating things for you, and I love you, and I hope you have a great day!

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  • Why I Don’t Call Myself a Nudist

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    Hi. Okay. This video will be a little more serious. And yeah, let’s dive in. Okay, I have had a bunch of people call me a nudist, and I have never personally used that label for myself. And this video is going to be about why I don’t use nudist as a label for myself, personally. I don’t have anything against nudists. I’ve just noticed a familiar pattern with a lot of them. That I think is kind of not so great. And yeah, so let’s talk about it.

    So the first reason I don’t call myself a nudist is because people have forced that label on me enough that I’m just kind of refusing to use it because people just assume that I am and it makes me really annoyed. And I want to push back against it and say I’m not. So non-consensual labeling of me as a nudist is one of the reasons that I don’t call myself a nudist. 

    Also, there’s kind of an assumption with nudist that they are always naked and never want to wear clothes, or like hate clothes. Clothes are useful and helpful sometimes so, like, I don’t hate them. Also, they’re fun for expression and stuff. So, yeah, I don’t hate clothes and I also wear them sometimes. One of the big reasons why I don’t call myself a nudist is because the nudist community seems to be pretty exclusionary and gatekeeping if I’m honest. Most of the nudist people that I’ve met or know about are cishet white men, that are usually older than me. A lot of them are like maybe Boomer age and they have money, and they have a lot of the same ideas about what nudity should be and like, how nudists should be, and it seems like a lot of them kind of hate on tattoos and body modifications and say that it’s like “violating the sanctity of the skin” or whatever, but that that doesn’t fly with me. 

    A lot of the nudist spaces like nude retreats and nude resorts and stuff, a lot of them you have to have money to be able to be there. So that automatically excludes like a fuck ton of people. Obviously, like everyone has bills to pay and sometimes doing something for free is not the best idea, but if nudism is about including everyone and everyone being equal and just naked. Why is it that most nudist places are full of cishet white men that have money? That’s my question. Something about those nude spaces makes it so that people that are not cishet white men don’t feel comfortable there or don’t have access to those places.

    So yeah, I am not a nudist. I don’t expect other people to be naked around me. I don’t hate clothes. I’m not always naked and I just I don’t want to be associated with a community of people that have been pretty gatekeepy from my experience. So yeah, that’s why I don’t call myself a nudist. I’m just me and I’m just naked a lot. I’d say that my nudity is more a part of my ecosexuality and like neurodivergence than anything else. I just, being naked as comfortable. I like it. There’s not that much else to it. Like it can have a lot of meaning and depth behind it. But like honestly it doesn’t have to. I can just like being naked and not be a nudist. That’s how I feel.

    Okay. Yeah, if you have any questions about nudity or anything that I’ve posted in the last few years like anything I’ve talked about. If you have any questions for me, please comment below or answer my survey. I’ll put the link below, or send me an email. I would love to hear from you. I’m making these videos based on what people have been asking me. So I would love to hear your thoughts because then maybe I can make a video about what you’re wondering about. Okay. Thank you for being here. I love you so much, and I will see you soon!

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  • How To Include Nudity in Your Everyday Life

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    Hey friends, welcome to another week of talking about nudity. Yeah, so this week I’m going to talk about how to include nudity in your everyday life. So last week’s video was how to be more comfy naked and this is going to kind of be an extension of that because the way that you usually get more comfortable with things is by practice and actually having the experience. So, yeah, if you want to put more nudity in your daily life, let’s talk about it.

    Like I said in the last video, it’s really good to start small and maybe just start at home by yourself. So, some things that you can do in that regard would be maybe sleeping naked or going topless when you’re alone in your room. Maybe if it’s possible to do it safely, maybe do some chores naked, maybe doing some mirror work while you’re naked. One thing that I personally love to do is to take self-portraits when I’m naked that uh… you definitely can do that. If you have a cell phone, you already have a camera so you can take self-portraits. One of my favorites. I have so much to say about self portraits. We’ll get more into that in another video. Yeah, self portraits naked are like super fun and you have full control. If you hate the photo you can delete it. If you love it, you can share it or just keep it to yourself.

    So other ways to include nudity in your everyday life, if you have friends or family that are cool with nudity, maybe you can invite them over and hang out and have like a naked dinner party or something. Maybe you can have a naked book club or naked game night or naked “let’s hang out by, I don’t know, my backyard”, whatever things you would do normally with your friends. Maybe just do some of them naked if that was available to you.

    More ways you can include nudity. You can have a naked party at your house like invite a bunch of people and, you know, give it a theme. I don’t know, what would you do at parties and just make it naked. You can go to a nude yoga class. So people are doing them online. Some people are doing them in person. Those are a thing, naked yoga, so maybe you could go to a naked yoga class. You can attend a nude gathering virtually or in person. I host those on a semi-regular basis. I’ve been doing the virtual ones much more than the in-person ones since the pandemic. But, yeah, you get, you can do one of those. You can host one yourself.

    You could go on a naked hike, so I think there’s like an actual day. It’s like national naked hiking day or something. I need to look it up. I don’t remember much about it. But there are some places where you actually can be naked in like a public outdoor setting. You might need to check the laws in your area and see if you have any clothing optional spaces near you, but that could be an option. Also, there’s World Naked Bike Rides that are happening around the world at certain times of the year, so you might enjoy one of those. Sometimes there’s even like nude retreats and big and nude events. Like Sentient Fest is happening, I think it’s early August and that’s a clothing-optional festival that’s like pretty big, I believe. I’m hoping to be there. I really hope. We’ll see. So there’s a whole bunch of things that you can do to include nudity in your everyday life. I hope it helps you. Have a great one. Love you. Bye.

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  • How To Be More Comfortable Naked

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    Hey friends, talking about nudity, some more! Yay! This video is about how to be more comfortable naked. I’ve had a bunch of people ask me about this. So I’m just going to share some thoughts I have on it. This isn’t really super cohesive and it’s probably not comprehensive either, but this is just something I’ve been thinking about recently and I wanted to share my thoughts with you.

    So if you don’t feel comfortable right now, being naked and you want to start to feel more comfortable naked, what I would do would be to start small, like this is a process and we all have a lot of like bullshit that was taught to us by society and a lot of people around us about the way that we’re supposed to be and how bodies are supposed to be and how like sex happens and like what nudity means, and it’s hard to brush off that like societal bullshit and like say “I don’t really care about what that society thinks.” So this is a process that should happen over time. Nothing is going to be immediate and you’re probably not gonna have like a lightbulb moment of like, “oh, suddenly everything’s fine. And I’m totally comfortable being naked.” It’s probably gonna be a gradual process over time, and that would be different for every person. So there’s no like rush to get comfy naked. This is just some things that I can offer you as ways to maybe start and see how you feel.

    So when I say start small, I really mean start small, like maybe you don’t even get naked yet. Maybe you seek out content that is nude that is non sexual, that maybe also includes people that have similar bodies to you, if that is something you can find. Just seeing that other people can be nude and be just like, a normal everyday thing can be really helpful for us, even if we’re not personally ready to get naked. Just seeing that that’s a possibility in the world can open our minds to like, “oh, okay. This actually does exist. Maybe maybe that can be for me too.” So yeah. Seek out nude non-sexual, you know, normalized nudity and super bonus points if you can find people that have a similar body to yours. That would be super extra great.

    If you want to actually start doing some naked things, maybe just go topless in your room for a while. Just you, by yourself in your room without a shirt on, or without pants, or without one article of clothing that you usually wear, like, start really small. You don’t have to do everything all at once. You just do bit by bit. And do that maybe a few days a week, whatever feels right for you and your schedule, starting out small like I said.

    You also could… one thing I really like to do is dance naked in the mirror or just like talk to myself in the mirror or yeah, just like, look at myself in the face. So maybe you could do that with one less article of clothing. Just be in the mirror slightly less clothed than you usually are and maybe say nice things to yourself or maybe a listen to a love song and imagine you’re singing it to yourself in the mirror, instead of singing it about someone else, sing it about yourself, sing a love song to yourself. That’s like super powerful to me.

    You… if you would like to be more comfortable naked and include other people, maybe reach out to some friends and see if they might be comfortable hanging out with you naked or topless or something. Having the actual experience of being nude around other people and it not involving sex is a really empowering and like affirming experience. So, I hope that everyone gets a chance to do that. 

    If you want to include more nudity in your everyday life, I’m going to talk more in depth about that in the next video, but I wanted to give you a starting point of where to start, maybe if you’re feeling really insecure about being naked but you really are curious about it and want to try but you’re just like, “I’m still scared.” I hope that this video helped. Yes, okay. Thank you for being here. I love you and I will see you next week. 

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  • How To Get Someone Naked

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    Hi friends. I have heard a lot of questions recently from people regarding nudity. So I’m going to kind of dive into that for the next couple of videos. And this one, this video is going to be about how to get someone naked. And I chose that title for a reason because it’s kind of misleading. It’s more like click baity than anything. But this is true. I will share with you how to get someone naked… if they already want to get naked.

    So number one, consent is the most important thing. If they want to get naked, they’re going to get naked. If they don’t want to get naked, do not force them. You can’t just get someone naked. That’s why I titled it this because I’m hoping that someone that needs to hear this is going to find it. 

    If you want someone to be naked and they don’t want to be naked, that is their choice. Not yours. They get to choose what to do with their body. If they don’t want to get naked, you have no control over that. All you can do is accept it and say, okay, cool thanks. Period. 

    So if you are around someone who you’ve discussed things with and they are consenting to be naked potentially, but they’re not ready for it quite yet, but they’re open to the idea. Here’s how you do it. We are never going to, like I would never encourage someone to coerce someone into something. That is not what we do. That is not consent. Coercion is not consent. Asking someone over and over and over again until they say yes is not consent.

    If someone is already curious and excited about the idea of getting naked and they’re just not quite sure when or where or how yet, you can create an environment that makes them feel safe, and give them the space that this is a clothing-optional environment. This is a clothing optional space. And then maybe they might decide that they want to get naked.

    So, a couple ways you can do this, to create a space that’s safe and comfortable for nudity. It’s usually best to start off with a place that’s private,  somewhere in your house, a room. Maybe if there’s like a private backyard, if you want to be outside, privacy is pretty important. If you’re going to be doing something that someone is not used to doing, I’m kind of used to it, but a lot of people are not, so privacy would probably be my number one helpful thing. If you have a private place where you know you’re not going to be disturbed and where the person is able to feel comfortable and know that they’re in a safe space. That would be awesome. Private safe space.

    You can make that private space more comfortable by maybe regulating the temperature of the space. Is it too cold? Is it too hot? Can you make the space at a comfortable temperature for nudity, a comfortable temperature, for nudity, might be different than a regular comfortable temperature with clothes on. You can have comfy things around like pillows and blankets maybe, so some restful time and space.

    Maybe you… if it’s okay with them, maybe you get comfortable and naked first. If they consent to you also being naked, that way you can introduce them to like being nude in the space that they’re in, in a non-sexual way, in a non like pushy way. Because you’re the one that’s getting naked. You’re like opening that door of like, this is now a clothing-optional space. If you get naked, they might also feel comfortable to get naked if they know that there’s like an even playing field. 

    Yeah, also just give them permission, let them know that is clothing optional. It’s not, “if you’re here you have to be naked”, or “if you’re here you have to be clothed”. They get to choose what to do with their body and how much or how little clothes they have on in that space. Like if you just, if you make that a known thing, if you communicate that with them, that’s kind of… that’s the recipe for success, a good private safe, comfortable space, where clothing optional is a thing, without any pressure or expectation on them and letting them choose what’s best for them. That’s how you get someone naked if they want to already be naked, if they already want to, that’s how you do it. But you can’t force them. I will forever remind you. Yeah, that’s how you get someone naked. If they already want to be naked, make it a comfy safe space. 

    I hope you have some fun naked times with friends, if they want to be naked and you want to be naked. Yeah, you might also… sometimes it’s good to have an activity or something to do like play a board game or something. Because if you’re just like sitting there twiddling your thumbs staring at each other naked it’s a little awkward. But if you have like a thing to work towards or something to like occupy your hands, or your thoughts, that also might make it a little more comfy, so it’s not as much pressure on, like, “oh my gosh. I’m naked and people are staring at me.” It’s more like, “okay, this is just another day, and we’re doing random normal fun friend things. It’s just we also happen to not have clothes on.” That’s how you do it. Okay. I love you. Thank you for being here. I hope this isn’t too long. I tend to repeat myself. Okay, I love you! Bye. 

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  • My Top 6 Photography Tools!

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    Hi friends! Yay, okay. This week I want to share my top 6 Photography tools with you. So I’m just going to dive right in because I probably could talk a lot about it, but I’m going to try to keep this a shorter video. So my top 6 photography tools from Bunny Luna, that’s me. So the sixth, I’m gonna go from bottom to top. So the sixth of the top six photography tools, in my opinion of course, this whole thing is my opinion. Okay, top six.

    My number 6 is a tripod. So yeah, obviously, they’re pretty helpful for making videos like this one for taking self-portraits, for getting a camera where you want it to be if especially if any thing is like a longer exposure. There’s a lot of reasons why tripods are helpful. Yeah, so tripod is my number six tool for photography.

    My number five, the 5th tool for photography. That is my top 5 because it’s number five is a computer. Its kind of also self-explanatory. You could organize edit and share your content through a computer. Your smartphone probably also could count as a computer because you can do all those things from your phone if you have a smartphone, so I think that’s a very important photography tool. Some kind of computer whether it’s your phone or a laptop, or PC, whatever. That’s important because there’s a lot of things as a photographer you’re probably going to need to do on a computer. So that’s why is my number 5 *cough* number 5.

    Number four. You might be a little surprised. Because number four is camera, a camera is not even in my top three photography tools. Camera is the number four spot for me and I’ll tell you why. Obviously the camera is for taking photos. It’s helpful for that obvious reason ,you can take photos with it. But to me, it’s lower down on the list because it doesn’t necessarily matter all that much what kind of camera you have. Obviously there are some cameras you can do more things with than other cameras, but overall, if you just need to get a good image, you just need a camera. It can be a cell phone. Again, your cell phone is pretty useful. You can just use your cell phone camera. So the camera isn’t super important. I mean obviously it is, but there are other things that are more important than the camera. If you’re somebody that’s new to photography and you’re like, well, what camera should I use? Use whatever camera you’re already familiar with, or whatever camera you already have. What camera is the most likely one that you’re going to actually use and take photos with? That’s the camera you should use.

    Okay, so my number three spot for top my top six photography tools. My number three spot is the lens. The lens is like the eyes of the camera basically. The lens is what you see through, the lens is what makes the image look the way it does. If you have a crappy lens, you’re going to have a crappy photo, no matter how fancy your camera is. So for that reason, the lens is more important than the camera, because if you have an excellent lens and a shitty camera that photo is going to turn out better than if you have an excellent camera and a shitty lens. I’m just being honest, I used to work at a camera store. I know a couple of things about cameras. I’m definitely not an expert, but I know a few things. I know all of the basics. So yeah, the lens is more important than the camera. Yeah, invest in a really good lens. You can have like a mid-level or crappy camera. If you have really good lens and makes up for it. I promise.

    Number two, number two spot for my top 6 photography tools. Number two is light. As you notice I have a window. Well, you probably can’t see. But I have a window next to me because I need light, because if there’s no light and there’s no picture. There’s no light. It’s just black and darkness and you can’t see anything. The light is very important, if you have really shitty lighting, the whole thing is going to be a shitty photo, no matter how fancy your camera and lens are. Of course, some cameras and lenses have more capability to shoot in the dark basically, but if you want a really good image, you’re going to need some good light. So that’s why the light is number two.

    I wonder if you can guess what my number one of the top six photography tools is, I’m curious. I’m gonna give you like 5 seconds to think about it, and we’ll see you. If you’re right, let me know. So what is my number one of top 6 photography tools? So, my number six is tripod, Number five is computer, number four is camera, number three is lens, number two is light. What’s number one? I’m gonna give you five seconds.

    My number one tool for photography is creativity. What you have inside of you, the ideas you have, the emotions you have, the stories you have, the way that you can put things together and break things apart. Your creativity is the number one tool that you’re going to need for any photography ever. It doesn’t, like if you have the top camera and lens and you have all of the lighting equipment of everything, you have like all of the tools available to you. If you are not creative, if you can’t think of something interesting to create, it doesn’t matter what tools you have. Your creativity is like the number one thing that you need. If you have not so good tools, like camera lens that kind of thing and you have a lot of creativity, you can make *chefs kiss* world-class images. If you have that creativity, that’s all that really matters.

    Yeah, let’s see. I’m trying to think if there’s anything else I want to share with you, but I think  that’s good. I think I’m gonna do a little recap. So my number six of my top 6 photography tools, number six is tripod. Number five is computer. Number four is camera. Number three is lens. Number two is lighting, and number one is your creativity! That’s your number one tool for photography and creating in general is your creativity. What you have inside. Your brain, your heart, your body. That’s inside of you. Yeah, you can’t buy it anywhere. You just, you have it. Nobody can take it from you, it’s a part of you. That’s the most important, creativity. I promise. Okay. I love you. Thank you for being here. I’ll talk to you next week.

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  • Resources for Artists: Set Up a Website + Mailing List for FREE

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    Hi friends! Welcome back to my website and this week’s vlog. So I’ve been talking about resources for artists and free things that can help you with your art and your business so far this month. And I think I have a little bit more to share with you today along those lines. So let’s dive in!

    A lot of people think that they have to spend a whole bunch of money on their website, on their mailing list on all kinds of things to make their business, like to get it started. But if you want to do that without paying money, here are a few websites that might help you.

    So the first one, if you want to sell things for free, like you don’t have to pay to create this website and you can sell things from it and get paid from it. I use beacons.ai, it’s kind of like you might be familiar with linktree. It’s kind of like that where it’s one website like one link and it’s basically full of other links, but the cool thing about beacons is they also have a shop section on there where you can put things like digital products in there to sell and you don’t have to pay to create an account. So they might take a small percentage as like a service fee. I don’t remember if they do or how much it is, if they do. But just to like, start off and have something and be able to start making money immediately after you sign up. This is a really good option. 

    So, beacons.ai, I’ll put the link to mine below (CLICK HERE TO SEE MY BEACONS PAGE) so you can see what an example of one looks like, but it’s really simple. If you have like multiple social platforms, and if you have, if you don’t really have an actual website yet, but you want to start selling stuff. This is a really good option because you can link to all of your socials, like, say you have a link to your Instagram, your TikTok, your YouTube, your Facebook, whatever you want to link to, I think you can have that section where you sell digital products.

    They also have a place on there where you can have people pay to like, receive a video from you, or like, a one-on-one session kind of thing. They have several options for ways that you can make money on there without having to pay to create a website.

    Another website that is really helpful that is free. You might… depending on what kind of art you make, you might want to look up for something different. But if your art is not too controversial, not too much like nudity and stuff, this is a really good option. So if you want to have a mailing list where you have a list of people that you can send emails to and create like landing pages and that kind of thing. MailChimp is a really good option. It’s you can sign up for free. They have a paid plan which has more features and things you can do. Like, you can actually schedule your emails instead of having to send them, like, click the button to send. But to me, it’s worth it to have it free. And I can just, you know, if I want to send it, I can draft it and then send it whenever I want it to send, but there’s other things on there that you can get for the paid version, but I’ve never needed to use it.

    We use MailChimp for Going Beyond the Lens. I don’t use it for my personal art because I have a whole bunch of nude stuff. Like, that’s most of what I share. So just in case because of their terms of service, I don’t use MailChimp for my personal, like, email list, but for the Going Beyond the Lens email list, we do use MailChimp. It’s really easy to use. It’s free. It’s great if you’re just starting out. 

    Also, none of these things are set in stone. Like, if you’re just starting and you want to get started and start stuff for free right now. These are great things to do and you can always switch platforms later on like say if you start a MailChimp you have a mailing list. You have like a hundred people on your list and you’re like, okay, this is great. I’m ready to start paying for a different list that can do more things. But I don’t want to stay on MailChimp. You can grab like you can transfer those contacts, your whole list from MailChimp to another platform. So it’s not like you have to be stuck with this one platform forever. If you choose it, it can be a temporary option for you until you find something that fits you better or until you can afford the thing that you really want.

    So yeah, those are two websites that can be really helpful to you if you’re just creating your art business and you want to get started selling stuff and having things for people to look at and sending emails, but you don’t have to pay for it. These are great options. Beacons.ai and MailChimp. Yeah, they’re real great. I think I think beacons does have an affiliate program. So if I might do that link here, but I don’t think MailChimp does. And if they do I’m not going to try to do that, but I might try to do the affiliate for beacons, because I think it might give y’all like bonus thing and me a bonus thing, if I refer you to beacons, so it will be beneficial to everyone. So, yeah, I just wanted to share more of those Resources with you because they’re helpful for me, so hopefully they’ll help for for you. 

    Yeah, I just I want all artists to be able to succeed and do well and I don’t think that we should have to pay a lot of money in order to do that because money is an automatic barrier to a lot of people, especially a lot of people that are already marginalized this society. So the ways that we can support them, that are free, I want to do it. Yay. Okay. So yeah. I hope this helps you. Beacons, and MailChimp are great. I have used them personally.

    Yeah, if there’s anything that you are curious about want to know about want me to talk about, let me know. You can either comment below. You can send me an e-mail or you can respond to you by survey. I’ll put the link below. Thank you so much for being here. I love you, and I’ll talk to you soon! Bye!

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  • Resources for Artists: Free Video Editing Software

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    Hey friends! Welcome back to my website and my vlog, I’m Bunny, thank you so much for being here! I’m going to continue my little mini series on things that I use in my art and my business that are free resources that have really helped me a lot. So I wanted to share that with you in case it will help you too. So last week I talked about canva this week I’m talking about video editing.

    I’m still a very beginner learner. I know that this resource that I’m about to share with you is this huge big powerful resource that can do a lot of things and I’ve barely scratched the surface of what I can do with it, but I’m learning more and there’s a bunch of YouTube videos for learning even more about it, and diving deeper into learning video editing. I’ve learned that video editing takes a lot of time. So I may not want to be a video editor for other people or for very long extensive videos because I don’t want to spend like 10 hours on a 10 minute video because that kind of makes me feel depressed. So I try to not do too much, just because I would rather be doing other things than sitting on a screen at a computer and staring at a screen and editing video for hours and hours, and hours and hours.

    So, but if you’re a video editor, And well you probably, if you are a video editor, you probably already have the software for it. But if you want to learn video editing, and don’t know where to start and don’t want to pay for it. Here’s what you do. So Blackmagic is a big-time video company, they make cameras and they have software for video. They’re one of the more well-known camera makers that has like 4K cameras. They also have a video editing software called DaVinci Resolve and it’s free or, they have a free version and they also have a paid version. The free version, I like I said, I’ve barely scratched the surface of what kind of what I can do with, even just the free version, but it’s very powerful. You can do so much with it. So, of course, the generic, like usual video editing of like, cutting splicing moving adjusting stuff. I think you probably get that with any video editing, but they have a lot of controls that I don’t even know what they do, but I know that you can like sensor stuff on there. You can add captions, you can add like Graphics, you can do fancy transitions. I’m still learning, there’s a lot on there that you can do that I don’t even know about. I think you can change like the color stuff in there. Yeah. I’ve just started learning but it’s been really helpful, I know that it’s a really powerful software. So, it is something that you have to download onto your computer and it does take up… some space. I don’t know how much but if you have a decent computer with a decent amount of space, you can definitely download it. It is free.

    I’ve edited a few videos on there and there’s one that I’m not finished with and I’m still editing. It’s a little bit of a longer video that I’ll probably eventually share in my YouTube channel, which is like a cropped censored much shorter version of an older vlog from you guys like for me that are that’s on my website. So you’ve already seen the video technically. You just haven’t seen the edited much shorter version of it, which I will eventually be done editing. I’ve been spending more of my time in the past working on the residency application. So I kind of set aside my video editing project until I could finish the application for The Residency. But yeah, I just I really wanted to tell you about this software that is available to you for video editing.

    And before I finish this video, I think I’m going to tell you about another software that’s for video editing that’s on your phone. It’s an app, and it’s also free and it also is pretty powerful and has a lot you can do on there and I haven’t even touched all the things you can do. It’s not as powerful as DaVinci Resolve, DaVinci Resolve has way more things we can do. But this app for your phone for video editing is still, there’s still a lot you can do with it. You can do voice overs, you can switch out audio, you can crop and move and edit the video of course. I’ve seen that there’s other things you can do on there that I haven’t even touched, like, green screen and, like, adding different things to your video. I just haven’t played with that yet.

    But so this app for your phone, it’s called CapCut. It’s a free app and it makes it really easy to just like upload straight to Youtube. I think they primarily are using that app for TikTok because I have you can connect your TikTok account and like, grab the sounds from TikTok to put into the video and you can upload the video once it’s done straight to TikTok. I just don’t have a TikTok account. But if you do, that would probably be helpful. Yeah. CapCut is the name of the app. It’s really easy to use. Download on your phone for free and you can Video Edit with it. Yay we love free resources. Okay. Yeah. I think that’s all the important stuff want to share with you today. But thank you for being here. I hope that my little mini series of free resources for artists has been helpful! I’ll see you soon, next week! Love you!

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  • Resources for Artists: Creating Your Own Graphics + Promo Materials

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    Hey friends! Welcome back to my website and my blog and thanks for being here with me. I’m so glad that you’re here! Okay, so last week, I talked about the getting your shit together website and ways that I’m helping myself and hopefully helping you get more opportunities as an artist. So, this week, I wanted to talk about a couple of other like, free resources that I use to help me as an artist.

    Many of you probably already know about this, but I’m going to talk about it anyway, just in case you don’t, because it’s like extremely helpful for me and my life as a like an artist and a self-employed internet person. So I mean everybody needs graphics and like visual design things right? For websites, for social media posts, for banners, for all kinds of stuff. There is a website where you can do all that for free and it’s really easy to use and they have all kinds of everything you’ll need basically. They have templates, they have stock photos, they have graphics, they have the ability to make it into a video, like, gifs, kinds of stuff.

    So this website is canva… canva.com. This is not affiliated or anything, I just really love it. I use this website all the time. So if you need to make any kind of like visual content, it’s really easy to use canva to do that. You can make a free account. They have paid accounts too but there’s so much you can do on there even with just a free account. You don’t even need the paid account, unless you want the extra extra perks from the paid account. So I use canva for so much. Most of the banners on my website that you see a lot like the gifs and stuff that I or not gifs. The, the memes that I’ve made in the past, the thumbnails for my YouTube videos, the banners that I make for my events, a whole bunch of stuff has been made with canva. It’s so easy to use. You can add text and graphics, you can add images, you can use their images, you can use your images. It’s, I just, I love it. It’s so useful. And I love that it’s free and I love that it’s online. They also have an app. It just makes everything really easy. And when you download it, you can choose from a different a bunch of different kinds of files to download whatever your design is. 

    They have a ton of templates. So if you’re like, I’m gonna make a worksheet, then there’s a bunch of worksheet templates. I made my resume on there, made it look really fancy. They have templates for resumes. They have templates for like Facebook posts, Instagram posts, YouTube thumbnail. Banners for your website, they have templates for basically everything, and you can either use their templates or you can create it from scratch on your own. You can be like, I want this very specific size, I want a specific color, I want this specific font. It’s so useful and helpful, and I love it a lot.

    Yeah, so that’s a free thing that I use to help me with my business, my art, my lots of things. If you haven’t heard of canva, now you have. I hope you enjoy. Go search and look for it and make an account and do stuff and make, you know, have fun. Make some graphics. Yeah, it’s been really helpful for me. I hope it’s helpful for you.

    Yeah, if there’s anything else that you are curious about in terms of what I use for my business, for my art, put a comment below or send me an email. I’d love to hear from you. I’ll also put the survey below if you want to just answer my survey with a bunch of questions that I would love to hear about from you. Yeah. Thanks for being here. I’ll talk to you next week about more things that I use in my art and business that are free. Yay. 

    Check out Canva for making graphics, banners, and visual content!

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