Some videos, just because!

I’ve realized I haven’t shared a lot of videos with the public, probably because I want to share them on social media but CAN’T because they’re nude.
I’ll just share them here instead, where I don’t have to censor them.
It brings me a lot of joy to be able to look back at these moments, to experience them again + again.
Enjoy this random assortment of behind the scenes videos from photoshoots throughout the years! ❤

First up, me + Mommy taking self portraits in the shower to recreate my earliest memory.
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And my favorite photo from that shoot…

Next video is from a creative day with AnaloguePapi + Rhivnnun
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My favorite image from that shoot:

This video is from the nude gathering I facilitated outside of Portland Oregon in July 2019!!!

Angie Marie, SuraAmbivalent Ann, Liana Pilar, Shawnna Lee, Jitterbugflutterby, Kayla Webster, Jacob Webster

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My favorite image from that day:

From my most recent photoshoot (in June 2021!), with Rachel + Hendrix, where I double exposed them with landscapes from Zion.
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My favorite image from this shoot!!!
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Members are the reason I’m able to create in the first place! THANK YOU!