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    Hey friends! Welcome back to my website and my vlog, I’m Bunny, thank you so much for being here! I’m going to continue my little mini series on things that I use in my art and my business that are free resources that have really helped me a lot. So I wanted to share that with you in case it will help you too. So last week I talked about canva this week I’m talking about video editing.

    I’m still a very beginner learner. I know that this resource that I’m about to share with you is this huge big powerful resource that can do a lot of things and I’ve barely scratched the surface of what I can do with it, but I’m learning more and there’s a bunch of YouTube videos for learning even more about it, and diving deeper into learning video editing. I’ve learned that video editing takes a lot of time. So I may not want to be a video editor for other people or for very long extensive videos because I don’t want to spend like 10 hours on a 10 minute video because that kind of makes me feel depressed. So I try to not do too much, just because I would rather be doing other things than sitting on a screen at a computer and staring at a screen and editing video for hours and hours, and hours and hours.

    So, but if you’re a video editor, And well you probably, if you are a video editor, you probably already have the software for it. But if you want to learn video editing, and don’t know where to start and don’t want to pay for it. Here’s what you do. So Blackmagic is a big-time video company, they make cameras and they have software for video. They’re one of the more well-known camera makers that has like 4K cameras. They also have a video editing software called DaVinci Resolve and it’s free or, they have a free version and they also have a paid version. The free version, I like I said, I’ve barely scratched the surface of what kind of what I can do with, even just the free version, but it’s very powerful. You can do so much with it. So, of course, the generic, like usual video editing of like, cutting splicing moving adjusting stuff. I think you probably get that with any video editing, but they have a lot of controls that I don’t even know what they do, but I know that you can like sensor stuff on there. You can add captions, you can add like Graphics, you can do fancy transitions. I’m still learning, there’s a lot on there that you can do that I don’t even know about. I think you can change like the color stuff in there. Yeah. I’ve just started learning but it’s been really helpful, I know that it’s a really powerful software. So, it is something that you have to download onto your computer and it does take up… some space. I don’t know how much but if you have a decent computer with a decent amount of space, you can definitely download it. It is free.

    I’ve edited a few videos on there and there’s one that I’m not finished with and I’m still editing. It’s a little bit of a longer video that I’ll probably eventually share in my YouTube channel, which is like a cropped censored much shorter version of an older vlog from you guys like for me that are that’s on my website. So you’ve already seen the video technically. You just haven’t seen the edited much shorter version of it, which I will eventually be done editing. I’ve been spending more of my time in the past working on the residency application. So I kind of set aside my video editing project until I could finish the application for The Residency. But yeah, I just I really wanted to tell you about this software that is available to you for video editing.

    And before I finish this video, I think I’m going to tell you about another software that’s for video editing that’s on your phone. It’s an app, and it’s also free and it also is pretty powerful and has a lot you can do on there and I haven’t even touched all the things you can do. It’s not as powerful as DaVinci Resolve, DaVinci Resolve has way more things we can do. But this app for your phone for video editing is still, there’s still a lot you can do with it. You can do voice overs, you can switch out audio, you can crop and move and edit the video of course. I’ve seen that there’s other things you can do on there that I haven’t even touched, like, green screen and, like, adding different things to your video. I just haven’t played with that yet.

    But so this app for your phone, it’s called CapCut. It’s a free app and it makes it really easy to just like upload straight to Youtube. I think they primarily are using that app for TikTok because I have you can connect your TikTok account and like, grab the sounds from TikTok to put into the video and you can upload the video once it’s done straight to TikTok. I just don’t have a TikTok account. But if you do, that would probably be helpful. Yeah. CapCut is the name of the app. It’s really easy to use. Download on your phone for free and you can Video Edit with it. Yay we love free resources. Okay. Yeah. I think that’s all the important stuff want to share with you today. But thank you for being here. I hope that my little mini series of free resources for artists has been helpful! I’ll see you soon, next week! Love you!

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  • Day 1 filming for Nudism.TV

    My family and I are in Cleveland Ohio to be a part of Nudism.TV‘s programming that’s coming out in 2022. It’s been really great so far! They’ve put us up in a really nice airbnb 5 minutes from the studio and we’ve been doing interviews since 9am. Everyone here is so nice and personable and they fed us delicious vegan food for lunch. We’re here filming through Friday!

  • Some videos, just because!

    I’ve realized I haven’t shared a lot of videos with the public, probably because I want to share them on social media but CAN’T because they’re nude.
    I’ll just share them here instead, where I don’t have to censor them.
    It brings me a lot of joy to be able to look back at these moments, to experience them again + again.
    Enjoy this random assortment of behind the scenes videos from photoshoots throughout the years! ❤

    First up, me + Mommy taking self portraits in the shower to recreate my earliest memory.
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    And my favorite photo from that shoot…

    Next video is from a creative day with AnaloguePapi + Rhivnnun
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    My favorite image from that shoot:

    This video is from the nude gathering I facilitated outside of Portland Oregon in July 2019!!!

    Angie Marie, SuraAmbivalent Ann, Liana Pilar, Shawnna Lee, Jitterbugflutterby, Kayla Webster, Jacob Webster

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    My favorite image from that day:

    From my most recent photoshoot (in June 2021!), with Rachel + Hendrix, where I double exposed them with landscapes from Zion.
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    My favorite image from this shoot!!!
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    Members are the reason I’m able to create in the first place! THANK YOU!


    I originally wrote this for Patreon on December 16th 2017. I no longer use Patreon and have replaced it with my website (here) but thought I would share some of my old blogs with you for FREE to show my appreciation for you visiting my website! <3


    Yay I’m excited to share this self portrait set with you! I took it in August when I went to Tampa to take my brother in law’s girlfriend’s maternity photos. She was even comfortable with me taking a few rolls of her nude, and has allowed me to share them with you! That set is for some time in the future (but First Look members have access to it now!). Back to this set, now that I have you all excited about that future maternity set haha sorry for the tease!

    I took this self portrait set in the airbnb I stayed in on the very first morning I was there. I took advantage of the morning light, and you probably recognize that kitchen! I’ve already shared a digital self portrait set I shot there the same day. It was really wonderful to wake up and have an entire house all to myself to do whatever I wanted. Of course I wanted to take a bunch of photos for all of you! This is when I used my Nikon N80 for the first time, and I took a chance and used expired film on top of not testing out the camera before I left, which I probably should have done. I guess I’m super lucky that there was nothing wrong with the camera OR the film! I just got some fun funky colors, but I love that kind of unexpected surprise from expired film. I shot an expired roll once that all the photos came out in pinks and purples! I will probably never stop shooting film, it is absolutely my favorite artistic medium. Film forever! <3


    Video members have a bunch of awesome new videos to watch! I’ve added a 7.5 minute video of me nude exploring shapes and body movements AND I’ve also added 6 aerial silks videos to the galleries!

    All members have access to this complete 24 image photoset by clicking here, the 7.5 minute video of me nude exploring shapes and body movements by clicking here, and 6 aerial silks videos by clicking here.