New vlog + 2 photosets + BTS videos!

NEW PHOTOS, WHAAAAT?! I’m actually doing a few photoshoots + seeing PEOPLE again?!

It feels kinda weird, + I need a lot of along time before + after, but/and I’ve really been enjoying slowly + intentionally beginning to put myself out there creatively again. Very selectively choosing when I’m available to others + when I need time for myself. Not pushing or striving, just going with the flow. I’ve really been leaning into slowness + rest + it feels good!

Members just got access to…

• a nude vlog
• 2 photosets
• 4 behind the scenes videos

I wanted to at least share SOME of these wonderful images with EVERYONE!!!

I am continuously reminded of the importance of connection.
Connection with self, loved ones, community, nature, + spirit.

I hope these images help you visualize connection + remind you of the ways we are all interconnected. ❤

Rachel + Hendrix double exposed with Zion

Meredith lakeside at a nature preserve

Click here for the entire roll of Rachel + Hendrix + Zion

Click here for the BTS videos with Rachel + Hendrix

Click here for the entire roll of Meredith