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I hope you’ve been liking my introduction to meditation, mantras, and positive affirmations posts these past couple weeks! I’m probably going to do a post about altars soon. =]   I’d love to hear your feedback, please comment or message or email me! <3

So I’ve started going back to silks 2-3 times a week and I’m LOVING it! I’m nowhere near where I was before in terms of strength but it’s coming back pretty quickly and I’m really happy about it. It’s frustrating sometimes that I can’t completely do everything that I used to do before I got wrist drop at the end of May. It’s been so long since I’ve regularly done silks I can’t expect my body to still be at the same level of strength that it was. But it’s coming back! I notice myself getting stronger every time I go. Starting class again was really serendipitous, I went to a beginner class on Sunday a couple of weeks ago and the teacher for that particular class is my favorite one, Mandy. She asked me after class if I was going to be going back to the intermediate class since the next unit was starting that Tuesday. Guess which unit was starting? The one I started but was unable to finish when I was injured! It’s also the unit I am most excited about because scorpion is part of the curriculum!!! I got one class of scorpion, the thing I’ve been most pumped about learning, before I couldn’t come back because of wrist drop. If you’re new here I got wrist drop from a shibari suspension when I was at an artists vacation at the end of May. I had hardly any use of my right hand for 3 months. Anyway, the new unit was starting in just a couple of days but I wasn’t sure if I was ready for it or not since I needed to build my strength back up. Mandy suggested I at least go to a class or two to see how I felt. I’m really glad I went because I’m totally ready and intermediate is building my strength back up quicker than the beginner’s class would have. Be ready for silks videos pretty often now. =]

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