I originally wrote this for Patreon on September 16th 2017. I no longer use Patreon and have replaced it with my website (here) but thought I would share some of my old blogs with you for FREE to show my appreciation for you visiting my website! <3


So much art was made in Philly! I’ve shared a lot of it with you already but there is SO MUCH MORE that I still have to share! I’m so excited to show you everything that was created while I was there.

This weekend I wanted to post these sets of Luna Dahlia & Vex Voir I took during the group shoot in Fairmount Park I told you about last month! We shot these pretty quickly, I took a few photos of each model in turn while Jeff Waters photographed someone else. This location was truly incredible. I love that nature was taking back the space, there were small trees and lots of plants growing everywhere both inside and out. Since we were there late afternoon and the house had very tall walls and no ceiling, the light was nice and soft but bright, just how I like it!


What are you doing this weekend? I have off of work today and I’m being super productive! Today is REALLY exciting because I just got my brand new phone in the mail! It’s a Samsung Galaxy Note 8!!!!! I had the Note 4 and I really loved it but a few days ago it stopped charging anywhere above 17% and as soon as I unplugged it, it went straight down to 2% battery. I do so much from my phone, it is an essential for me to be able to work so I desperately needed a new one quickly. I knew I would have off today so yesterday I called Verizon to make sure they had the Note 8 in stock at my local Verizon store so I could hopefully go there today to get one. The Verizon sales rep Allison was super amazing and after a 25 minute phone call, I had a new Note 8 in black (the color I wanted) being overnight shipped to me (at no extra cost), and I wouldn’t even have to go into the store! HELL YES! I’m so thankful for wonderful customer service!

This little Bunny is really happy and full of gratitude today! <3


I just recorded a 5+ minute video blog for you! Other videos added this week are straight leg scorpion & practice switching open and closed wrap from aerial silks class (2 different videos), 3 videos of cool art in NoDa (an artsy part of Charlotte), and 4 videos from my friends’ gallery show!

Luna Dahlia:

Vex Voir:

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