Double Exposures with Karolina Von

I love creating with Karolina Von!!! She also lives in Charlotte so I’ve been fortunate enough to take photos of and with her a few times now, and every time is so much fun! She and I are both Sagittarius, have a lot in common, and feed off of each other’s energy so well! She always brings my mood up and I always leave her presence feeling super great. She’s one of the few people I feel really safe talking to about personal life things. I’m so lucky to be able to call her my friend. This photoset is from June last year, and we’ve created since then so I have even more photos of her to share with you in the future! I’ll definitely miss her when AD and I move to Baltimore, but I plan on coming back to North Carolina every few months to visit family and friends so I’m sure I’ll see her again.

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