Karolina Von!

Karolina Von & I have shot together a couple different times now, and we have another shoot scheduled this coming week! I’m really excited to see her again and catch up! I’m so grateful that she’s also local to Charlotte so that we can hang out and shoot as often as we do, which really isn’t super often but it’s much more often than if we lived in different cities! She’s such a fun, easy-going, and overall delightful person to be around and I love creating with her! If you love acrobatic things like aerial silks, lyra, straps, and contortion, check out her patreon and instagrams (she has 2 igs)! She’s incredibly talented and bendy!

We shot this set in February last year on an unusually warm day for so early in the year (thanks NC weather!), along with a couple other sets that I’ve already released.