My Top 6 Photography Tools!

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Hi friends! Yay, okay. This week I want to share my top 6 Photography tools with you. So I’m just going to dive right in because I probably could talk a lot about it, but I’m going to try to keep this a shorter video. So my top 6 photography tools from Bunny Luna, that’s me. So the sixth, I’m gonna go from bottom to top. So the sixth of the top six photography tools, in my opinion of course, this whole thing is my opinion. Okay, top six.

My number 6 is a tripod. So yeah, obviously, they’re pretty helpful for making videos like this one for taking self-portraits, for getting a camera where you want it to be if especially if any thing is like a longer exposure. There’s a lot of reasons why tripods are helpful. Yeah, so tripod is my number six tool for photography.

My number five, the 5th tool for photography. That is my top 5 because it’s number five is a computer. Its kind of also self-explanatory. You could organize edit and share your content through a computer. Your smartphone probably also could count as a computer because you can do all those things from your phone if you have a smartphone, so I think that’s a very important photography tool. Some kind of computer whether it’s your phone or a laptop, or PC, whatever. That’s important because there’s a lot of things as a photographer you’re probably going to need to do on a computer. So that’s why is my number 5 *cough* number 5.

Number four. You might be a little surprised. Because number four is camera, a camera is not even in my top three photography tools. Camera is the number four spot for me and I’ll tell you why. Obviously the camera is for taking photos. It’s helpful for that obvious reason ,you can take photos with it. But to me, it’s lower down on the list because it doesn’t necessarily matter all that much what kind of camera you have. Obviously there are some cameras you can do more things with than other cameras, but overall, if you just need to get a good image, you just need a camera. It can be a cell phone. Again, your cell phone is pretty useful. You can just use your cell phone camera. So the camera isn’t super important. I mean obviously it is, but there are other things that are more important than the camera. If you’re somebody that’s new to photography and you’re like, well, what camera should I use? Use whatever camera you’re already familiar with, or whatever camera you already have. What camera is the most likely one that you’re going to actually use and take photos with? That’s the camera you should use.

Okay, so my number three spot for top my top six photography tools. My number three spot is the lens. The lens is like the eyes of the camera basically. The lens is what you see through, the lens is what makes the image look the way it does. If you have a crappy lens, you’re going to have a crappy photo, no matter how fancy your camera is. So for that reason, the lens is more important than the camera, because if you have an excellent lens and a shitty camera that photo is going to turn out better than if you have an excellent camera and a shitty lens. I’m just being honest, I used to work at a camera store. I know a couple of things about cameras. I’m definitely not an expert, but I know a few things. I know all of the basics. So yeah, the lens is more important than the camera. Yeah, invest in a really good lens. You can have like a mid-level or crappy camera. If you have really good lens and makes up for it. I promise.

Number two, number two spot for my top 6 photography tools. Number two is light. As you notice I have a window. Well, you probably can’t see. But I have a window next to me because I need light, because if there’s no light and there’s no picture. There’s no light. It’s just black and darkness and you can’t see anything. The light is very important, if you have really shitty lighting, the whole thing is going to be a shitty photo, no matter how fancy your camera and lens are. Of course, some cameras and lenses have more capability to shoot in the dark basically, but if you want a really good image, you’re going to need some good light. So that’s why the light is number two.

I wonder if you can guess what my number one of the top six photography tools is, I’m curious. I’m gonna give you like 5 seconds to think about it, and we’ll see you. If you’re right, let me know. So what is my number one of top 6 photography tools? So, my number six is tripod, Number five is computer, number four is camera, number three is lens, number two is light. What’s number one? I’m gonna give you five seconds.

My number one tool for photography is creativity. What you have inside of you, the ideas you have, the emotions you have, the stories you have, the way that you can put things together and break things apart. Your creativity is the number one tool that you’re going to need for any photography ever. It doesn’t, like if you have the top camera and lens and you have all of the lighting equipment of everything, you have like all of the tools available to you. If you are not creative, if you can’t think of something interesting to create, it doesn’t matter what tools you have. Your creativity is like the number one thing that you need. If you have not so good tools, like camera lens that kind of thing and you have a lot of creativity, you can make *chefs kiss* world-class images. If you have that creativity, that’s all that really matters.

Yeah, let’s see. I’m trying to think if there’s anything else I want to share with you, but I think  that’s good. I think I’m gonna do a little recap. So my number six of my top 6 photography tools, number six is tripod. Number five is computer. Number four is camera. Number three is lens. Number two is lighting, and number one is your creativity! That’s your number one tool for photography and creating in general is your creativity. What you have inside. Your brain, your heart, your body. That’s inside of you. Yeah, you can’t buy it anywhere. You just, you have it. Nobody can take it from you, it’s a part of you. That’s the most important, creativity. I promise. Okay. I love you. Thank you for being here. I’ll talk to you next week.

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