Hello lovely friends!

I want to connect with you and be in community with you! I don’t want to just occasionally send you nudes and stuff, I want to have conversations and dialogue, and connect in a way that is more than just via text. Video chats are a great way to “come together” even with the physical distance between us, and I’m THRILLED to announce that I’ll be hosting TWO intimate live video chats next week!

The first one will be on Friday the 13th at 6pm EST and is FREE for anyone interested in joining.
We will primarily be talking about gender and sexuality.

The second video chat will be on Sunday the 15th at 7pm EST and is for MEMBERS OF BUNNYLUNA.COM ONLY.
We will talk about whatever y’all are interested in discussing, like an ask me anything!

All video chats are via I’ll send out the info on how to join the day of each one!

Click here to sign up!