How To Be More Comfortable Naked

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Hey friends, talking about nudity, some more! Yay! This video is about how to be more comfortable naked. I’ve had a bunch of people ask me about this. So I’m just going to share some thoughts I have on it. This isn’t really super cohesive and it’s probably not comprehensive either, but this is just something I’ve been thinking about recently and I wanted to share my thoughts with you.

So if you don’t feel comfortable right now, being naked and you want to start to feel more comfortable naked, what I would do would be to start small, like this is a process and we all have a lot of like bullshit that was taught to us by society and a lot of people around us about the way that we’re supposed to be and how bodies are supposed to be and how like sex happens and like what nudity means, and it’s hard to brush off that like societal bullshit and like say “I don’t really care about what that society thinks.” So this is a process that should happen over time. Nothing is going to be immediate and you’re probably not gonna have like a lightbulb moment of like, “oh, suddenly everything’s fine. And I’m totally comfortable being naked.” It’s probably gonna be a gradual process over time, and that would be different for every person. So there’s no like rush to get comfy naked. This is just some things that I can offer you as ways to maybe start and see how you feel.

So when I say start small, I really mean start small, like maybe you don’t even get naked yet. Maybe you seek out content that is nude that is non sexual, that maybe also includes people that have similar bodies to you, if that is something you can find. Just seeing that other people can be nude and be just like, a normal everyday thing can be really helpful for us, even if we’re not personally ready to get naked. Just seeing that that’s a possibility in the world can open our minds to like, “oh, okay. This actually does exist. Maybe maybe that can be for me too.” So yeah. Seek out nude non-sexual, you know, normalized nudity and super bonus points if you can find people that have a similar body to yours. That would be super extra great.

If you want to actually start doing some naked things, maybe just go topless in your room for a while. Just you, by yourself in your room without a shirt on, or without pants, or without one article of clothing that you usually wear, like, start really small. You don’t have to do everything all at once. You just do bit by bit. And do that maybe a few days a week, whatever feels right for you and your schedule, starting out small like I said.

You also could… one thing I really like to do is dance naked in the mirror or just like talk to myself in the mirror or yeah, just like, look at myself in the face. So maybe you could do that with one less article of clothing. Just be in the mirror slightly less clothed than you usually are and maybe say nice things to yourself or maybe a listen to a love song and imagine you’re singing it to yourself in the mirror, instead of singing it about someone else, sing it about yourself, sing a love song to yourself. That’s like super powerful to me.

You… if you would like to be more comfortable naked and include other people, maybe reach out to some friends and see if they might be comfortable hanging out with you naked or topless or something. Having the actual experience of being nude around other people and it not involving sex is a really empowering and like affirming experience. So, I hope that everyone gets a chance to do that. 

If you want to include more nudity in your everyday life, I’m going to talk more in depth about that in the next video, but I wanted to give you a starting point of where to start, maybe if you’re feeling really insecure about being naked but you really are curious about it and want to try but you’re just like, “I’m still scared.” I hope that this video helped. Yes, okay. Thank you for being here. I love you and I will see you next week. 

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