I originally wrote this for Patreon on March 17th 2017. I no longer use Patreon and have replaced it with my website (here) but thought I would share some of my old blogs with you for FREE to show my appreciation for you visiting my website! <3


I’m so excited to share this set with you! I’ve been wanting to photograph someone during ritual for a while and I was finally able to with Alf Posen! He was really open to the idea of doing a ritual for our shoot so I gave him some brief instructions and then just let him do his thing! The ritual he did was a version of the new moon ritual I posed here previously. We shot the ritual set in my bedroom and boy did it smell like SO much smoke after all the sage and paper burning!! Haha, I had to diffuse the heck out of some essential oils to make the smoke smell go away. We keep the door closed all the time because I don’t want our 3 catmates to get in and fuck with all my skulls and crystals so it took a few days for the smell to completely go away. I’m really super happy with the images we got. You can see a great progression of the ritual in the complete set. After he did the ritual I took another roll of film of art nudes that I really love too. This old 1940’s house is a great place to shoot in when the cats aren’t crawling all over you. The second set we shot was in the upstairs hallway. There’s natural light from both ends of the hallway and I like to use the stair railing in the foreground to break up the image and create more depth.

I have more shoots scheduled with models in the coming months and I’m hoping to do more including rituals so stay tuned!


Check out the videos folder for 2 fancy new videos! There’s a timelapse BTS video of me shooting Alf during ritual AND I was finally able to make that positive affirmations video! Aren’t you excited?! I know I am! I might want to do different versions of it… I’m thinking of making another one where the affirmations are the same but the video is of my butt or something haha. Then I’ll have a SFW and a NSFW version! What do you think?

All members have access to the complete 17 image ritual photoset by clicking here, the complete 31 image black and white photoset here, and the BTS video here.