I originally wrote this for Patreon on July 22nd 2017. I no longer use Patreon and have replaced it with my website (here) but thought I would share some of my old blogs with you for FREE to show my appreciation for you visiting my website! <3


    I’ve been saving this set for a bit because I love it so much. Sometimes I want to hold onto things a little while, I enjoy having solitary time with them before other eyes have a chance to see.

    I am close with my sister Gemini, in both age (18 months apart) and relationship (best friends). We don’t get to see each other as much since AD & I moved to a place about 45 minutes away from her and my parents. We used to be 15-20 minutes away. She has gone through a lot in her life in a way that I’ve been fortunate enough to never experience. She is strong, courageous, intuitive, genuine, complicated, unique, and oh so beautiful. I’m lucky to know her, and blessed to call her my sister. <3

    We took these self portraits together when we were in San Antonio in March. I love creating with her!

    Gemini has been considering starting her own Patreon, I’ll let you know when she has it up and running! She has a kinky side that will definitely show up on her page. You already know this if you follow her on IG, she recently posted some waxplay photos and she loves being an adorable fox (yeah, complete with ears and tail!).


    Since this is a Gemini appreciation post, I’m sharing a video of her foxing around in two futos. It’s fun to practice shibari on her and she loves it. She’s super cute walking around on her knees, especially when she loses her balance hehehe.

    And, just because I feel like it, I’m sharing a backyard yoga timelapse video too! =D

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    I originally wrote this for Patreon on May 20th 2017. I no longer use Patreon and have replaced it with my website (here) but thought I would share some of my old blogs with you for FREE to show my appreciation for you visiting my website! <3


    Celebrating 1 year since I got wrist drop! Well, technically the official 1 year is May 22nd but… close enough. =] If you’ve been a member for a while you probably remember this time last year when I got wrist drop from too much time and pressure on my radial nerve during a shibari suspension. I didn’t have the use of my (dominant) right hand for about 3 months and wasn’t able to go to aerial silks class for 7-8 months. Watch the video in the archives to see how bad it was… it was pretty bad. I couldn’t lift my hand from my wrist or do a “thumbs up,” it was just constantly limp.

    Honestly, I’m really thankful that it happened. It taught me a lot about myself & made me appreciate what I have. I learned that I really need physical activity in my life & that I can really lean on Antisocialdisposition. I already knew that he will do just about anything for me but for the first week or two he helped me do things that you really take for granted when you have two hands to do it with and suddenly you only have 1: wash my hair, get dressed, open jars, carry lots of things, etc. I became more ambidextrous because of this and I even became more confident in myself over time because I learned that I could still do pretty much everything for myself with just my left hand. I did definitely have several days after it happened that I freaked out about it because I wasn’t seeing ANY improvement and I was so scared that it would never get better. It did, very slowly, but it did start to get better. As soon as possible I started doing yoga at home (only simple stuff I knew wouldn’t aggravate the injury). I honestly think it would have taken much longer to heal if I wasn’t staying active, exercising it as much as possible, saying positive affirmations, and visualizing it getting and being better. I am SO SO thankful that it got better. I am also thankful that it happened. It was a challenge and a lesson. It happened for a reason: for me to learn to appreciate what I have and to learn how important being active is to me because I really didn’t know that before. It strengthened me and it strengthened my relationship with AD.

    What is something “bad” that’s happened to you that you now realize was actually beneficial in the long run?


    To celebrate being able to do silks again, check out the 2 new silks videos I added! In one of them I somersault in the air to a single ankle hang, I mean how badass does that description sound?! It’s really fun. The other video is a crazy difficult core strengthening exercise: spinal roll down from straddle. You’re supposed to take as long as possible on the way down which is what makes it difficult and REALLY works your core.

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    I originally wrote this for Patreon on March 25th 2017. I no longer use Patreon and have replaced it with my website (here) but thought I would share some of my old blogs with you for FREE to show my appreciation for you visiting my website! <3


    Antisocialdisposition and I wanted to take some photos with his new digital camera, so we took a few photos here at home but something just wasn’t clicking. Maybe it was because he hasn’t had a chance to fiddle around with his new camera much yet, maybe it was because I was really hoping to take an awesome set (or two) for you guys and we only had a short amount of time, maybe I’m too spoiled by film and how magical it is, maybe the stars just weren’t lined up right… but we just couldn’t get anything to work the way we wanted. We both got a little frustrated (mostly me) and ended the shoot pretty quickly after we started. He had more homework he could work on anyway so we said we would just try again another day. I was slightly upset that things just weren’t working out in terms of creating some photos for you guys so as a last ditch effort I thought to myself “fuck it, I’ll just take some self portraits with whatever calls my name first and if they come out, awesome, if not, oh well. I’ll try again another day.” This enormous 165 image photoset is what came out of that frustrated self portrait session. And you know what? I really love them. I guess the moral of this story is don’t force art or creativity or it just won’t happen. Put legitimate feeling and emotion into it and it’ll be amazing.


    I’ve uploaded 3 new aerial silks videos! 2 of me doing single ankle hang with a spider climb exit & one of me doing a salto dive! The spider climb exit shows you how buff I am, I literally climb the silk with just my brute lady-arm strength! Salto dive is super fun, it’s like a mini drop. =]

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    I originally wrote this for Patreon on June 12 2016. I’m planning on switching everything over from Patreon to my website (here) over the next few months and thought I would share some of my old blogs with you for FREE to show my appreciation for you visiting my website! <3


    I experimented with rope again the other night and really like the results! I did a self tied body harness that I just made up, it was pretty fun. I’m practicing more with rope now, I really enjoy it. I’ve always been interested in rope and #dancingbearsvacay intensified my interest. I did a couple of harnesses on my sister Kitty (edit 8/20/19 she now goes by Gemini) yesterday too! I’ve made a new folder in the galleries where I’ll put all the photos from my rope practice on others. =]

    Antisocialdisposition and I are taking a 2 week trip to Colorado at the beginning of July!!! We’re going to Denver, Rocky Mountain National Park, Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, Arches National Park (Utah), and Mesa Verde National Park. Lots of photos and videos and hiking and camping and edibles will be happening, I am so stoked! While we’re gone I definitely still plan on posting content on here but it will most likely be only a couple of photos at a time since I’ll be posting from my phone. I will be posting more frequently than my normal once a week since the posts will be smaller. Look for a couple of huge posts after we get back and I get all the film developed!


    The complete sets have 49 images (with rope) and 40 images (without rope), I’m sharing 14 of my faves here with you.

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    Post Rope:

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  • Thankful

    Three years ago on May 22nd 2016, I had the experience of my first real shibari suspension, which in itself was really special and magickal. It put me in a headspace I had never been in, and it was a powerful way to connect with a new friend I made while at an artists retreat. The rigger who tied me was very practiced and knowledgeable and we discussed limits and safety beforehand, and even with those precautions the shibari suspension resulted in me sustaining a major injury to the radial nerve on my right arm. That nerve damage caused me to have wrist drop for 3 months. That means I had no use of my (dominant) right hand for THREE MONTHS. I was inexperienced and wasn’t cautious enough or listening to my body enough to realize I was damaging my radial nerve. I know better now, I know how to check myself periodically to make sure everything in my body is still good, and I know how to better communicate with the person tying me. Honestly, I would definitely do a shibari suspension again, even after being injured during my first experience, but I will probably never do a TK again, which was the tie my arms were in that caused the injury after being in it for too long. The nerves in my arms and wrists are just too fragile to be in that kind of tie.

    I’m bringing this up because its coming up on the 3 year anniversary of this happening, and also because I just found a BUNCH more photos (200+) from that day that I’ve uploaded to an archived folder, which you can view by clicking here if you’re a photo member.

    If you’re a video member, click here to watch the video I made showing how my wrist/hand was impacted by wrist drop.

    I’m so thankful that I regained the use of my right hand, that it only impacted my life for a short amount of time (3 months was a long time when it was happening but in the grand scheme of things is really not that long), and that I gained a new perspective and knowledge because of it.

    Be thankful for what you have because it’s not guaranteed forever.

    I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!

  • trust

    This photoset from an artist’s retreat weekend that involved a lot of shibari can be found in the May 2016 gallery.  Rope by Meymoon Model: Grace