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    I originally wrote this for Patreon on November 3rd 2016. I no longer use Patreon and have replaced it with my website (here) but thought I would share some of my old blogs with you for FREE to show my appreciation for you visiting my website! <3


    Hey friends! I decided to do this week’s post a couple days early. Antisocialdisposition and I are driving through the night tonight to get to New Orleans tomorrow morning. No traffic, yay! We’ll be there for the weekend and I want to make sure I have plenty of time to take tons of self portraits for you while we’re there, hence the early post. =]

    This week I thought I would share the film I took of Nova Amour when she visited a couple months ago. We hosted her while she was in town and it was really nice getting to know her a little. She’s super sweet and creative and I’m looking forward to working with her again at some point.

    I took a few self portraits while waiting until it was time for a doctor’s appointment in a part of town that I used to live in. It was nice being in my old stomping grounds and shooting somewhere that I used to use a lot for shoots. Now that I think about it, I don’t think I ever took self portraits there, I think I always photographed models whenever I was there. I didn’t have a ton of time but I think I got some great images.

    All members have access to the complete 13 image photoset of Nova by clicking here.

    All members have access to the complete 25 image self portrait set by clicking here.