Nude Gatherings

“Your gathering was such an inclusive and comfortable space, one that I’d never before experienced in my life, and I still think of that day often with so much fondness and love in my heart. Creating nude art, splashing in the water and mud, with so many like-minded and compassionate people was a transformative experience that I’ll always treasure.” Kayla Webster

Human beings are social creatures and need positive relationships with others in order to thrive. There have been numerous studies showing that being part of a community literally makes you healthier. Isolation and loneliness contribute greatly to health risks such as heart disease, a weakened immune system, anxiety, depression, and cognitive decline. People who regularly engage in meaningful group activities are happier, live longer, and feel like they have purpose.

To go even further, physical touch is fundamental for our physical and mental health. Consensual touch decreases stress hormones, lowers heart rate, and increases oxytocin (otherwise known as “the love hormone”). We are more likely to feel trust, compassion, and generosity when we are touched.

My nude gatherings are centered around creativity, healing, community, and almost always involve consensual non-sexual touch. Most people have only ever been nude by themselves or with an intimate partner, and feel scared (or even terrified) at the prospect of baring their skin to a group of people they just met. Meeting new people can feel very vulnerable, and involving nudity makes that vulnerable feeling even more intense. These gatherings are for moving past the societal conditioning that our nude bodies are inherently bad, sexual, or to be consumed by others, and reclaiming them as the magical vessels of life, love, and healing that they are.

There is immense healing in breaking the stigma associated with nudity, and coupling that with creating inspirational images as a community is incredibly powerful. I am passionate about facilitating opportunities for the kind of transformational experience that occurs when we come together with the mutual goal of creativity and healing. This is what my nude gatherings are all about, with consent, respect, and love as the primary driving force.

Nude gatherings are for people who:

-appreciate and enjoy connecting with others in their community
-are passionate about art and creating
-are able to take direction and voice their ideas and opinions while respecting others
-want to explore how it feels to be nude in a non-sexual setting

Past gatherings have included:

-a community gathering at sunset on a nude beach outside of Portland Oregon


Photos: Jacob Webster

-a full day immersive educational experience on a permaculture farm outside of Detroit Michigan

Photo: Lior Allay

-an experiential art encounter in my childhood home outside of Charlotte North Carolina

Photo: Bunny Luna

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I’m hopeful that we can find a way to be in person together again someday.

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