Bodypaint with Celeste Call

Celeste Call lives in Germany but she used to live in Charlotte and I met her through the camera store I used to (& kinda still do) work at. She’s a photographer and model, and last time she visited from Germany I was fortunate enough to create with her! She met me at my parents house and took photos of me in their back yard, then I took photos of her in the house in what used to be the art room (now it’s a pool/billiards room!). Celeste is full of energy and brightens up any room she’s in, I had a fantastic time creating with her!
Keep an eye out, I’ll be sharing the photos she took of me later this month!
As I’m typing this it’s Wednesday May 29th, and by the time you’re reading this I’ll have been on the road for a full 24 hours on my way to Denver Colorado, the first official stop on my 2 month cross country solo road trip! I’m trying to get as much computer stuff prepped as I can before I leave because I have no idea when or where I’ll have wifi or any kind of internet. My plan for today is LOTS of computer stuff, and tomorrow I’ll spend most of the day packing and making sure everything is ready for me to leave! AHHHHHH I can’t believe it’s already time for my trip! I’ve been dreaming of this for SO LONG and it’s finally HERE and I’m so EXCITED and NERVOUS and just… ahhh!!! Wow this is going to be an adventure.