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December: Charlotte NC

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January – March 8th: Charlotte NC
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Currently looking for locations for creative nude gatherings!

Creative nude gatherings are for people who:
-appreciate and enjoy connecting with others in their community
-are passionate about art and creating
-are able to take direction and voice their opinions while respecting others
-want to explore how it feels to be nude in a non-sexual setting

Past gatherings have included:
-a community gathering at sunset on a nude beach outside of Portland Oregon
-a full day immersive educational experience on a permaculture farm outside of Detroit Michigan
-an experiential art encounter in my childhood home outside of Charlotte North Carolina

If you have an uncluttered space with good natural light (indoors or outdoors) and/or would like to be a part of a future creative nude gathering, please email me at with your location and how you would like to be involved! The places with a location provided and more people interested will be added to my calendar first =]

Photo: Jacob Webster

Photo: Lior Allay

Photo: Bunny Luna