• Creator Interview: Sash Prime

    During this interview, Sasha and I talk about their crystal wraps, their first ever nude photoshoot, and what true yoga really is.

    Where to find Sasha:
    IG: @sashprime
    Etsy: etsy.com/shop/SashPrimeCreations
    Website: sashprime.com

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  • Creator Interview: Analoguepapi

    It’s important to me to showcase other artists, so I am doing a series of interviews with creators I’m inspired by.

    Click the image below to watch the video of me interviewing Analoguepapi, who is a film photographer and creative director!

    (they used to be known as portraitmami)

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  • *NSFW* Creator Interview: Expressions Untold

    If you could describe the entirety of your work in three sentences, what would they be? 

    My work at it’s core is about acceptance. For oneself in their skin. And for their sexuality and the sexual energy that drives them.

    What’s the story of your journey to becoming an artist?

    Oh boy, that’s a long one haha. My journey started back while I was a teen spending hours looking at porn and not coming across any content that I liked. Seeing the blatant misogynistic, racist, and sexist storylines playing out over and over again. Then growing older and having sexual experiences of my own and learning about the insecurities people had about their bodies while also dealing with my own shame around my sexuality. So when I got my first camera around age 24 I knew that I wanted to take photos of real human bodies in all their diversity and uniqueness. I knew that I wanted to capture couples making love and taking photos of everyday people like you and I having moments of pleasure whether that be alone or with a partner. I felt strongly that is what the world needed to see.
    Was there anyone who influenced your work or supported you from the very beginning?

    Jade Beal was a huge inspiration of mine. I love the way she captures people of all ages and skin in such a positive and respectful light. I love that her worked touched on intimacy regardless of age but also uplifted motherhood and bodies of all types.

    What’s your favorite thing to create, or be a part of creating?

    I love working with people and afterwards showing them their images. Receiving that phone call or text that’s full of emotion as they look through their photos in awe of how they look and have been captured. So, I guess to answer your question. Creating pieces of art that emotionally uplift and empower people is my favorite thing to create.
    Do you have a favorite piece or series?

    It would be so hard to pick just one piece. All my photos have different emotions and memories behind them. From the conversations had while taking the photo to the emotions evoked through it. It would be so hard to pick just one.

    How do you find inspiration when you’re in a creative rut?

    Ya know, I’ll be honest here and say that. I’ve never really experienced that. As a writer so much of my work is based on how I’m feeling at the time so I always create from my own emotions. Also because I speak about sexuality often and I am a very sexual person. I always kinda feel that sensual sensual energy in me. Aside from that I’m always thinking and processing things. Often times my issue is actually that I don’t want to bombard people with my ideas or emotions..

    Is there anything you wish you could change about the art world or how people connect to your work?

    YES YES YES!!! I hate that so much of an artists perceived skill and importance derives on their follower count. As someone who’s had countless instagram pages shut down you really get to see how differently people treat you simply based on that number at the top of your page and while one day a person could have a large following with opportunities coming left and right. A day later they could be perceived as a “nobody” simply because their page now doesn’t have the same following. I wish people connected more with artists as humans and not sources to consume from. I wish that more people took time to appreciate, read, and understand the art being put out there and not just double tap and scroll.

    Do you see your work expanding, changing, or going in another direction in the future?

    I have many plans for my work. I wouldn’t say that I’d be changing directions though because I’ve always seen so much more for Expressions Untold than just being a photographer and writer. I plan on having my work in museums, speaking at panels and events, hosting retreats, coaching teens and adults on intimacy, self awareness, and deconstructing beliefs that limit human beings. I plan on having my own production studio. Creating films that embody the messages of my work. I have so much work to do to get to the place I want to be..

    If people could only receive one piece of information or knowledge about your work, what would you want that to be?

    That every piece of my work is creating with the intention to help someone heal..

    Where can you and your work be found online?

    This is my main website where one can go to gain access to my book, a gallery showing previews of my work, and links to all other podcasts and publications that my work has been featured in.
    This is where I post my uncensored work that I don’t post anywhere else. It has photos and videos of people and couples making love, in moments of self pleasure, and simply embracing their bodies in the most raw, real, and vulnerable ways..
    Social Media:
    Snapchat: @expuntld
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