• 25 Ways to Connect With Yourself! <3

    I’ve found that self care is much more about connecting with myself than it is about buying products like face masks and bath bombs. Sure, spending time with yourself to use products like these is beneficial, but it’s not about the THINGS, it’s the TIME and INTENTION that makes all the difference.

    I sometimes struggle to be in my body, and have found that this list of self connection practices has helped remind me of the many ways that I can come into my body and spend quality time with myself.

    I invite you to choose at least one of these self connection practices to add to your daily ritual and/or routine, and see how it feels to choose yourself every day, even for just a few moments. <3


    I’ve also made a fun self connection bingo graphic, so that you can add some play to your daily rituals!

    How many days in a row can you get BINGO? Win-win-win all around!

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