FREE SET! Double Exposures of Tiffany Helms from May 2014

I love double exposures SO MUCH. I’ve been creating them since 2010 (holy shit almost 10 years ago!) when I got my first film camera and started experimenting. I loved doubles immediately and they quickly became some of my most favorite images. There’s something about how I have NO REAL CONTROL over them, that I just have to do my best and trust that something wonderful will come out of it, that is SO FREEING for me. I’ve always been a big planner, scheduler, and organizer (hello Virgo rising and FOUR planets in Capricorn) but double exposures have taught me the magick and freedom in not having control. There are always several images in every roll that blow me away.

Of course, depending on the camera and what technique I use to take the double, I sometimes do have a good idea what the image will look like and can plan accordingly. However, I never TRULY know how an image is going to look until I get the film developed. Getting scans back is such an exciting gift! It’s like opening a present from myself and the universe. <3

The images in this photoset of Tiffany Helms are an example of having somewhat of an idea of how the final images will turn out. I shot these on a Yashica Mat EM way back in May 2014!!

I have SO MUCH MORE to share with you about double exposures. I’m in the process of creating a *FREE* mini course to teach you exactly what they are, how to produce them in camera with 35mm film, and to give you all of my tips for creating your best double exposures!

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You may notice there’s a black and white image in the gallery that is nothing like the rest. That one is a medium format film image I took of her with a panoramic pinhole camera that I made with my dad!