Double Exposure

I feel like I’m always talking about double exposures… well, probably because I am. I love them. They’re my favorite kind of image to create. They’re magickal. They’re serendipitous. They’re always a surprise and I love giving control to the universe.

You might be wondering… what the heck is a double exposure?!

A double exposure is when two (or more) images are taken on the same piece of film. When two (or more) images are superimposed to create a single image. A lot of people do this with photoshop or fancy apps now, but the kind of double exposures that *I* am always talking about are taken on FILM. Analogue. 35mm or medium format film. These are TRULY magickal to me.

I took my first double exposure on accident, in a Holga camera (does anyone remember those?!). I took a photo, forgot to wind the film, and took another photo. The two images overlapped each other to create one single image! I was amazed and fell in love immediately.

You mean I can take a photo of a landscape, and then take a photo of a person in a studio or an empty room or next to a tree, and the end result makes the person look like they’re IN the landscape?! THEY BECOME A PART OF THE LANDSCAPE?! Hell YES!!!

If you know me or if you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know that I am ecosexual and that the earth, the environment, natural landscapes are where my heart is, where my SOUL is. The fact that I am able to take images that make it look like people BECOME A PART OF the environment makes me so incredibly happy. Being one with ferns, waterfalls as shimmering “clothes”, a crown of butterflies in flight.

It’s important for me to show people that we are not separate from the earth, we are a part of it. We are all connected and this planet, our home, everything we’ve ever known, is the MOST IMPORTANT thing and needs to be loved, protected, cherished. I hope that my double exposures help people see that.

Okay, enough explanation. The images will tell you more than I ever could with words.

(Colorvibes & Swann)

(Quinn Sanguine & myself)

(Maya Tihtiyas)

(Pure Rebel)


(Eva Luna)


(Karolina Von)

(Leopold, Anon, Canischromatis, Anon)

(Alf Posen)



Really magickal, right?! Now you know why I LOVE double exposures so much!

Want to create your own but don’t know how and want to start RIGHT NOW?

I’ve created a double exposure guide just for you!

How to Create Double Exposures includes:

3 different techniques for creating double exposures in-camera with 35mm cameras
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