August Virtual Nude Gathering!


Sunday, August 1st at 12pm eastern

In 2019 I facilitated 3 in-person nude gatherings and knew that I NEEDED to share more of these experiences with others. Then the pandemic happened and in-person events were no longer possible, so I’ve adapted nude gatherings for the virtual realm!!

The first virtual nude gathering went so well that I extended the length of time we’re together!

Several people from the first virtual event mentioned they wished the event would be longer… + I think that’s a wonderful idea!

Instead of 1 hour we gather for 90 minutes!!

Join us to create this community space together

We gathered from all over the USA + the world!

Past attendees have included people from across the globe including the USA, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Germany, Netherlands + Australia.

Feedback from nude gatherers:

“Nude gatherings have helped me to recontextualize nudity with a happy, healing family. I’d been feeling some trauma around the sexualization of nudityI felt warm, welcomed, and cared for after this light hearted session. Community, finding like minded people, playing games and getting to know one another are what I enjoyed most about this experience.”
-Jenna C

“Before the gathering started I was very nervous about coming off as awkward, and also worried about how I would feel or react to a “room” full of naked bodies.
After it was over I honestly felt lighter, and slightly liberated. I left the room feeling great. It was very inclusive and affirming. I felt heard and connected with the other participants in a safe, non-sexual way… Which was a first for me!
I think everyone, especially those of us who hold marginalized identities, deserves the opportunity to experience nudity in this context. It can be very healing and beautiful.”

“The somatic part was valuable. I appreciated being able to present my whole body on screen. I’m not an exhibitionist, but I do have body insecurity. Being fully seen and being accepted as I physically am and not judged is validating. Your fears and insecurities are probably based on a misconception of what the event will be like. We aren’t there to gawk at you. We aren’t there for sexual stimulation or arousal.

“Before the gathering I felt anxious, doubtful, scared, overwhelmed. Afterwards I felt grounded, seen, heard, respected, unashamed, hopeful that society is moving in the right direction.”

Nude gatherings are for moving past the societal conditioning that our nude bodies are inherently bad, sexual, or to be consumed by others, and reclaiming them as the magical vessels of life, love, and healing that they are.

If you think your friends would enjoy attending a virtual nude gathering, invite them to join!

I’m really looking forward to gathering with you 💗

Exploring nudity + encouraging self love,

Bunny Luna

PS: Members of my website get free tickets to all virtual nude gatherings!
Members: check out the blog post with the discount code to get in for free!