I originally wrote this for Patreon on December 9th 2017. I no longer use Patreon and have replaced it with my website (here) but thought I would share some of my old blogs with you for FREE to show my appreciation for you visiting my website! <3


    My trip to Philly over the summer was ridiculously productive and I love it!  I tend to have cycles of being really creative and productive and then I go through stretches of time when I barely create at all. I’ve been so busy with my new(ish) job at the camera store, going to aerial silks classes twice a week, modeling for figure drawing sessions, spending time at home with Antisocialdisposition, and visiting family over the holidays that I’ve only had a handful of shoots over the past few months. I’ve not modeled much recently, I’ve mostly been photographing others. I’m working on allowing myself to follow my natural currents and cycles and so far I think it’s worked pretty well for me. I realize that I shouldn’t push myself so much to do things that I feel like I SHOULD do when I don’t really feel like doing them. If I just follow the natural flow of my life things tend to work out better. Sometimes it’s a struggle but I’m working on letting go, listening, and allowing. <3

    I’m sharing three sets from two different shoots: when I photographed Tiffany Helms & Caitlin Michele in an abandoned building, and when DWL Photo and I found an awesome tunnel. I’ve posted several blogs with sets from my Philly trip already: photos I took of Vex Voir & Luna Dahlia, photos Tiffany Helms & Jeff Waters took of me, other sets taken by DWL Photo, and sets taken by Vinny Kim. I even have a few more sets to share, can you believe it?! I can’t wait to go on another adventure full of exploring new places and creating to my heart’s content!


    There’s now have a bts location video from my shoot with DWL Photo to watch, along with a 9.5 minute video of me doing yoga in my back yard over the summer (I miss warmth!!!) and a 8 minute timelapse video of me organizing my film (I took my shirt off halfway through haha).

    All members have access to this complete 9 image photoset of Tiffany Helms by clicking here, the 8 image photoset of Caitlin Michele by clicking here, the 16 image photoset taken by DWL photo by clicking here, the bts location video from my shoot with DWL Photo by clicking here, the 9.5 minute video of me doing yoga in my back yard over the summer by clicking here, and a 8 minute timelapse video of me organizing my film by clicking here.

  • Eva Luna & KH

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  • Backstage Pass to a LIVE photoshoot

    Join GBTL founders behind the scenes during a photoshoot, LIVE

    Have you ever wondered…

    • How to communicate with other artists before/during/after creating together?
    • How to ensure the comfort of the models you work with?
    • How to set the environment/mood for a photoshoot?
    • What the creation process looks like for Bunny, Lior and Roarie?

    Then you’re in luck! For the first time ever, Bunny, Lior, and Roarie will be gathering together IN PERSON to dream up the future of GBTL and to CREATE TOGETHER! We are inviting you into our creative practice through this workshop in which we will discuss the bullet points above and then demonstrate during an actual photoshoot, LIVE!

    The itinerary: About 1.5 hours of discussion and answering questions followed by 1.5 hours of creating together.

    If you have questions for us, please submit them while signing up. This ensures we will be able to answer them in the beginning portion of the event.

    The event will be held on FreeConferenceCall. Please sign up online or download the app before the event starts.

    If you can’t join live for any reason, everyone who registers will receive the recording of the event.

    This is a fundraising event for the future of GBTL. We are looking forward to revealing what that future will look like soon!

    Thank you for your time and energy,

    Bunny, Lior, & Roarie


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  • Art Nuance & Evyenia Karapolous

    Video members now have access to:

    • vlog with the story behind these photosets with Nuance Artistry and Evyenia Karapolous
    • 16 image complete photoset in the studio
    • 6 image complete photoset with Evyenia
    • 22 image complete photoset at the abandoned Mill
    • 6 BTS videos
    • 20 minute nude yoga video

    First Look members now have access to:

    • everything above
    • 15 BTS photos from Roarie Yum‘s shoot with PhotoWyse
    • 9 BTS videos from Roarie & PhotoWyse’s shoot

    Become a member to gain instant access!

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