Sliding Scale Memberships

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The perks of being a member of

  • monthly live virtual nude gatherings
  • instant access to the members only blog where I share resources, thoughts, + love
  • instant access to my archive dating back to 2014 (17,167 photos + 3,033 videos as of July 5th 2021)
  • you are investing in community by allowing me to put time + energy into free + lower cost resources + events
  • we are co-creating the world we want to live in, together

What are sliding scale memberships?

It’s important for me to make memberships available to as many people as possible while also sustaining myself in a capitalist society. Sliding scale memberships allow me to offer multiple price points for folks with different financial abilities + needs.


The highest price point is the true cost of the membership, if there was only one price available this would be it. This price point is for folks who are financially stable, which means that they:

  • have a steady income
  • have a 401k or retirement plan
  • have money in their savings account
  • own their own house and/or car
  • are able to go on vacations and/or purchase new items on a regular basis


The middle price point is for folks who don’t meet the criteria for “financially stable” or “needing support” and fall somewhere in the middle. These folks:

  • have access to steady income (but may occasionally live paycheck to paycheck)
  • occasionally struggle to keep money in their savings account (but HAVE a savings account)
  • are able to receive financial support from family or friends
  • occasionally are able to purchase new items or treat themselves to something special


The lowest price point is for folks who are in need of support. These folks:

  • would not be able to become a member without a lower-cost option
  • struggle to financially make ends meet on a regular basis
  • don’t have financial support from family or friends
  • are in significant debt

Please be mindful that if you purchase a membership at the lowest end of the scale when you can truthfully afford the higher membership prices, you are limiting access to those who truly need the gift of financial flexibility.

Sliding scale memberships are based on the honor system, and I trust that you will purchase accordingly. When I am paid fairly, I am able to invest more time + energy into free + lower-cost resources + events for the community.


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