“Every artist needs the ability to get out of their own head and pick someone else’s. And I am so glad I chose Bunny Luna’s brain to pick! If you’re looking for a reassuring, encouraging, and kind mentor, then Bunny is the mentor for you. I had been in a rut and desperately needed to the advice and validation of another creative. Which, of course, I chose to find a mentor. I needed to invest in myself and in my craft. Bunny was immensely helpful. We had a very relaxing, validating, and insightful video chat together. Initially, I had thought “maybe there’s theory I’m missing, maybe it’s technical”, but Bunny really showed me I just wasn’t thinking outside the box. I wasn’t showing myself my True Value and letting myself be inspired. Not only did they help me see outside myself and my work, but they followed up with exercises as well! The work doesn’t just end with a video chat or or some quick advice, they really follow through. They really help other creatives with prompts and exercises on creativity. Very notable also was the references they used for fluid posing. Visual aid to already helpful words. I really couldn’t recommend them enough!” Sheri Furneaux

With over a decade of experience both behind and in front of the camera, I have a unique perspective and a wealth of knowledge of both photography and modeling. I absolutely love discussing inspiration, helping others work through creative blocks, and assisting in elevating others artistic practice.


Every mentoring session is unique and will be dependent on your needs and preferences. Our session will be confidential and I will provide a safe space for you to discuss your thoughts, concerns, experiences, and questions. All sessions are via private live video chat through You will receive a confirmation email once you schedule and reminders before your appointment, including an email from me with a link and access code for the video chat. During our session we will work together to support you in the way that is best for you and your creative process.

At your request, I can record our session and send you the video file for you to download within 7 days. You must let me know at the beginning of our session if you would like the video recording, otherwise it won’t be recorded.

(BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and disabled folx are eligible for a discount, email me to discuss!)

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Image above taken by Kisa Hues.