Goodyear Arts Residency

As a non binary ecosexual artist, my work centers around the interconnectedness of all beings. We are all a part of the Earth, the earth is a part of all of us, and we are all a part of each other. We have collectively internalized the fear, doubt, and disconnection that come from the oppressive systems in power today. I am here to facilitate the excavation of our true radiant selves from the layers of societal expectation, shame, and trauma that have been embedded in our bodies, minds, and souls. That excavation begins with honesty, authenticity, communication, and accepting one another where we are instead of where we think we should be.

While my medium is photography, it is also community, energy, movement, touch, emotion, connection, and love. During creative sessions I create a container of acceptance and safety in which the subjects of my images are able to process their feelings and transmute them into vulnerable images of interconnection with self and nature. Nudity is a fundamental part of my work because without clothing, we are able to separate ourselves from societal expectations and truly be our raw authentic self. Underneath everything we are really all the same, with individual and inter-generational traumas that have shaped our lives in unique ways. The opportunity to be nude and vulnerable in a safe environment with other people allows trauma survivors the space to begin healing. Seeing yourself as a beautiful and integral part of the world, you are more capable of identifying your true purpose and shifting the narrative of the future from disconnection to connection.

Healing and access to healing is a political issue. Liberation on an individual level spirals out into the collective, which is one of many reasons why representation is extremely important. There are so many exclusionary visuals in the media today that primarily cater to white, cis, young, thin, able-bodied people, and I am here to break out of this and create images that represent folx from as many backgrounds and identities as possible. When you see someone you can identify with who is showing up for themselves, you’re more capable of finding the courage to show up for yourself. People who are standing in their power are shaking the foundations of pain and disconnection, and their bravery instills hope and strength in others.

With a residency at Goodyear Arts, I would be able to provide transformational experiences for folx who may otherwise not be able to afford hiring me on a freelance basis. I would use the studio as a photography studio, a healing and meditation space, and a community gathering location at sliding scale or no cost to participants. I intend to elevate and support the community through creative collaboration with people of diverse backgrounds with the intention of healing, love, and openhearted connection while creating inspiring ethereal images of beings in relationship with the Earth and each other.

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Examples of the kind of images I would be able to create with the use of a Goodyear Arts studio: