Energy Healing

“What an incredible experience!!! Thank you thank you, this shifted and grounded my energy in a profound way.” Roser_poser

I received certifications for Reiki I & II in 2017 and I frequently incorporate crystals to support and enhance my energy healing sessions. I use my heart and intuition as guides to provide a unique experience with every session, which allows the recipient to tap into their own ability to heal. My preference is for hands-on in person energy healing, though touch is not necessary to provide an impactful healing session and they can even be done virtually as distance sessions (the feedback above is from distance sessions!).


Every energy healing session is unique and will be dependent on your needs and preferences and on my intuitive understanding of what is energetically best for the session. I am able to provide soothing music and/or incorporate crystal healing at no extra cost to you.


In person sessions can be done in your home or outdoors at a public park or other public space. Depending on your preference, you may either lay down on your back or sit up in a chair, whatever is most comfortable for you. You can choose a hands-on session or a session in which you don’t receive any touch, both are effective in providing a healing experience. We will discuss your needs and preferences before we begin, and I will give you some tips for relaxation and meditation if you need them (at your request, I will share my meditation ebook with you for free). During the session you will relax and meditate quietly while I give you Reiki.

In person energy healing sessions usually last between 30 minutes to 1 hour.


Distance energy healing sessions are held via private one-on-one video chat. It is not necessary to do so for distance sessions (you will receive the benefits either way), but I prefer to have you meditate at the same time that I am sending you Reiki. If you wish to do this, I will give you some tips and recommendations to get you started meditating before I perform the distance healing.

If you choose to incorporate crystal healing (free of charge) and/or an oracle card reading (additional fee) for the session, I will create a crystal grid and/or pull cards for you during the session.

Distance sessions last up to 30 minutes, 12 of them being uninterrupted distance healing (the length of the healing music I will play). You are welcome to continue meditating for as long as you desire.

All sessions are via private live video chat through You will receive a confirmation email once you schedule and reminders before your appointment, including an email from me with a link and access code for the video chat.

At your request, I can record our session and send you the video file for you to download within 7 days. You must let me know at the beginning of our session if you would like the video recording, otherwise it won’t be recorded.



Message me using the contact page or via email at with the following info:

– your name and pronouns
– location
– desired date and start time
– number of sessions you would like to book
– any pertinent information about your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being (this is not necessary, only if you want to share)


(BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and disabled folx are eligible for a discount, email me to discuss!)

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Image above taken by my mom, Willow Luna.