• Why being naked is good for us <3

    Being nude around others can increase life satisfaction, encourage a more positive body image, + uplift our self-esteem.

    Being nude can improve our skin, help us sleep better, + enhance our health.

    Nudity is natural + beneficial to us when there’s a brave space that allows us to be ourselves.

    An invitation: join us for a virtual nude gathering on Saturday June 5th at 1pm eastern. Details at link in bio.


    Naked and Unashamed: Investigations and Applications of the Effects of Naturist Activities on Body Image, Self-Esteem, and Life Satisfaction by Keon West

    You Should Get Naked More Often. It’s Good for You by Joni Sweet

    6 Reasons to Spend More Time Naked by Chaunie Brusie

    How Touching Your Partner Can Make Both of You Healthier by Cathy Cassada

    Hands On Research: The Science of Touch by Dacher Keltner

    Social isolation, loneliness in older people pose health risks from NIH National Institute on Aging

  • June virtual nude gathering!


    Saturday, June 5th at 1pm eastern

    In 2019 I facilitated 3 in-person nude gatherings and knew that I NEEDED to share more of these experiences with others. Then the pandemic happened and in-person events were no longer possible, so I’ve adapted nude gatherings for the virtual realm!!

    The first virtual nude gathering went so well that I extended the length of time we’re together!

    Several people from the first virtual event mentioned they wished the event would be longer… + I think that’s a wonderful idea!

    Instead of 1 hour we gather for 90 minutes!!

    This is the 3rd virtual nude gathering, and 3 is my favorite number!

    Join us to create this community space together

    We gathered from all over the USA + the world!

    Past attendees have included people from across the globe including the USA, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Germany, Netherlands + Australia.

    Feedback from nude gatherers:

    “Nude gatherings have helped me to recontextualize nudity with a happy, healing family. I’d been feeling some trauma around the sexualization of nudityI felt warm, welcomed, and cared for after this light hearted session. Community, finding like minded people, playing games and getting to know one another are what I enjoyed most about this experience.”
    -Jenna C

    “Before the gathering started I was very nervous about coming off as awkward, and also worried about how I would feel or react to a “room” full of naked bodies.
    After it was over I honestly felt lighter, and slightly liberated. I left the room feeling great. It was very inclusive and affirming. I felt heard and connected with the other participants in a safe, non-sexual way… Which was a first for me!
    I think everyone, especially those of us who hold marginalized identities, deserves the opportunity to experience nudity in this context. It can be very healing and beautiful.”

    “The somatic part was valuable. I appreciated being able to present my whole body on screen. I’m not an exhibitionist, but I do have body insecurity. Being fully seen and being accepted as I physically am and not judged is validating. Your fears and insecurities are probably based on a misconception of what the event will be like. We aren’t there to gawk at you. We aren’t there for sexual stimulation or arousal.

    “Before the gathering I felt anxious, doubtful, scared, overwhelmed. Afterwards I felt grounded, seen, heard, respected, unashamed, hopeful that society is moving in the right direction.”

    Nude gatherings are for moving past the societal conditioning that our nude bodies are inherently bad, sexual, or to be consumed by others, and reclaiming them as the magical vessels of life, love, and healing that they are.

    If you think your friends would enjoy attending a virtual nude gathering, invite them to join!

    I’m really looking forward to gathering with you 💗

    Exploring nudity + encouraging self love,

    Bunny Luna

    PS: Members of my website get free tickets to all virtual nude gatherings!
    Members: keep an eye out for the blog coming out Saturday morning with the discount code to get in for free!

  • Environmental Personhood

    Ever since I discovered the existence of environmental personhood I have been extremely interested in it + a huge advocate of it. The more we can do to grant nature personhood in the eyes of the law, the better. I’ve created this to share some basics about environmental personhood: what it is, examples of it around the world, + resources for further reading + exploration.

    What is environmental personhood?

    Definition of Environmental personhood:
    Environmental personhood is a legal concept which designates certain environmental entities the status of a legal person. This assigns to these entities, the rights, protections, privileges, responsibilities and legal liability of a legal personality.

    Example of environmental personhood: Ecuador
    Ecuador became the first country to include the rights of nature in its constitution. In 2007 there was a revolution “La Revolucion Ciudadana” + Rafael Correa became president. With the help of National Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador + other Indigenous groups, the country’s new constitution included a section titled “Rights of Nature” recognizing nature as a legal entity with rights.

    Example of environmental personhood: Bolivia
    Indigenous groups in Bolivia also demanded rights for nature and in 2010 the Bolivian government created the “Law of the Rights of Mother Earth” which included rights related to life, regeneration, biodiversity, water, clean air, balance, + restoration. It recognized Earth as “collective subject of public interest”. A more complete version of the law was created in 2012 called “The Framework Law of Mother Earth + Integral Development for Living Well”.

    Example of environmental personhood: New Zealand
    In 2014 Te Urewera, the ancestral home of the Tuhoe people (formerly a National Park) became New Zealand’s first environmental legal person. For over 140 years the Maori fought for recognition of the Whanganui river as their ancestor. In 2017 the river received legal status and harming the river would now be considered the same as harming the Maori. In 2018 Mount Taranaki, a volcano sacred to the Maori also became recognized as a legal person.

    Example of environmental personhood: Bangladesh
    In July 2019 all rivers in Bangladesh were granted the same legal rights as people. The goal is to protect the rivers from pollution, encroachments, + illegal dredging. Bangladesh’s National River Conservation Commission (NRCC) was appointed the legal guardian of rivers. Chairman Muzibur Rahman Howlader says “Protecting the rivers also means protecting the entire ecosystem”

    Example of environmental personhood: India
    In 2017 India ruled that the two rivers, Gangotri + Yamunotri are “living entities having the status of a legal person with all corresponding rights, duties + liabilities of a living person.” The ecosystem around the rivers was also awarded legal rights. In 2018 the animals in Haryana received the status of “legal person or entity” to promote the welfare of animals in the state. In 2020 Sukhna Lake was also given legal rights.

    Example of environmental personhood: Athens, Georgia
    There is a white oak in Athens, GA known as “The Tree That Owns Itself”. The deed reads: “For and in consideration of the great love I bear this tree and the great desire I have for its protection for all time, I convey entire possession of itself and all land within eight feet of the tree on all sides—William H. Jackson” Sadly, the tree fell in a windstorm in 1942. A seedling of the original tree was planted in its place and is known as “Son of the Tree That Owns Itself”.

    Example of environmental personhood: Eufala, Alabama
    There is an oak tree in Eufala, AL known as “The Tree That Owns Itself” aka the “Walker Oak”. A “deed of sentiment” was granted in 1935 stating that the tree was “a creation and gift of the Almighty, standing in our midst—to itself—to have and to hold itself, its branches, limbs, trunks and roots so long as it shall live.” In 1961 the oak fell in a windstorm. 10 days later, a local business planted a new oak in the same spot and ownership rights were transferred to the replacement tree.


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    Additional reading: “Should Trees Have Standing? – Toward Legal Rights For Natural Objects” by Christopher D Stone

  • 25 Ways to Connect With Yourself! <3

    I’ve found that self care is much more about connecting with myself than it is about buying products like face masks and bath bombs. Sure, spending time with yourself to use products like these is beneficial, but it’s not about the THINGS, it’s the TIME and INTENTION that makes all the difference.

    I sometimes struggle to be in my body, and have found that this list of self connection practices has helped remind me of the many ways that I can come into my body and spend quality time with myself.

    I invite you to choose at least one of these self connection practices to add to your daily ritual and/or routine, and see how it feels to choose yourself every day, even for just a few moments. <3


    I’ve also made a fun self connection bingo graphic, so that you can add some play to your daily rituals!

    How many days in a row can you get BINGO? Win-win-win all around!

  • Karolina Von maternity double exposures



    Hi friends! I just wanted to quickly come on here and show you my face. Hiiii I’m alive! And also share with you a photoset that I actually took really recently, last weekend May 2nd. My friend Karolina Von (I’ll link her information below because you should totally be following her on her website) she’s currently pregnant and she’s due in July and we took some double exposures of her with Glacier National Park. I think they’re absolutely gorgeous.

    I’m so humbled and thankful that she trusted me with her ever-changing body and her safety and her image for these photos. So super wonderful. I always love spending time with her. We’ve created together 4 or 5 times, she doesn’t live super far away, she lives less than an hour away from here so we’ve created together several times. You can see a bunch of our work together in the directory, in my archives. This time we took pictures of her while she’s pregnant and they’re double exposures so of course I love them, because doubles are my favorite. I just wanted to share this photoset with you. It’s the entire roll of film, all 37 images, I’m sharing the whole thing with you. I haven’t edited them at all, it’s just as they were taken. I’m pretty excited and I think they’re wonderful.

    What else do I want to say? I don’t want to say too much because I know I have the nude gathering tomorrow and posts going out about that and stuff so I don’t want to overwhelm you with too many posts. I just wanted to come on here and share this photoset with you and say hi and I love you.

    If you’re new here, I only do photos every once in a while. It used to be a regular thing but it’s not anymore. I’m shifting away from doing photography and modeling stuff and going more into the community events and queer resources and peer support kind of things so if you’re here for regular new images and videos and stuff from me you might be a little disappointed because those will come sporadically.

    I have like literal thousands of photos and videos in my archives for you to enjoy. It will take you a really really long time to get through all of them because there’s so many, there’s over 17,000 photos and over 2,000 videos so there’s no shortage of content to enjoy.

    I’m also like… if I force myself to create on a strict regular basis, like I have to create something once a week or whatever, then it ends up being me creating things because I feel like I HAVE to instead of me creating things because I’m excited and WANTING to and inspired to, and yall deserve the kind of content that I’m really excited about making instead of the content that I feel forced to make. It’s best for all of us if I’m not forcing myself to continually make something new all the time, because nobody needs that. We need time to rest and to shift gears and change and transform and yeah… so I’m giving that to myself and I hope that you give that to yourself.

    I hope you enjoy this photoset because I think it is INCREDIBLE. *mwah*

    I’m going to post a few samples below and then also the link to see the whole gallery of it so, yay enjoy! Thanks for being here! I LOVE YOU! *mwah*