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    I originally wrote this for Patreon on February 18th 2017. I no longer use Patreon and have replaced it with my website (here) but thought I would share some of my old blogs with you for FREE to show my appreciation for you visiting my website! <3


    I am so excited to share this set with y’all! It was not planned at all, but somehow the very best of everything seems to always happen when there’s no plan for it.

    I went to my parents’ house to meet up with a model and shoot because my parents are awesome and the house is really pretty….. but the model never showed up. I was a little upset at first but not for long because I decided I was going to make art anyway. I took self portraits with the help of my mom!! <3 <3 <3 The first half of the shoot I had the camera on my tripod and I set up the shot and the focus and everything, got into position, and had her click the shutter when I was ready. The second half of the shoot we put the tripod away and she took the photos! She shot a pack of Instax too! The shoot took a couple hours because I would set up a crystal grid, set up the camera, take a few photos, and then break down the grid, set up another one, take some photos… the process was really fun, creative, and rewarding. And I always love spending time with my mom, she’s one of my very best friends.

    Not only is this set special to me because I created the images with my mom, it’s also special because we incorporated crystal grids! I have always loved crystals and stones and have been collecting them since I was little. I love making crystal grids, meditating with crystals, displaying them in our house, using them to send positive healing energy to others when they are not physically here, collecting them, looking at them….. ahhh I love crystals!

    -Into to crystal grids-

    A crystal grid is an arrangement of crystals, usually in a geometric pattern (most often sacred geometry), created with a specific intention in order to direct energy toward manifesting a goal. Individually, crystals have their own energies and power, and when combined with other crystals in a grid, their energies combine and strengthen your intention, sending that energy out into the universe. You can make a crystal grid to help you sleep, to attract wealth and abundance, to assist in healing… whatever your intention is you can create a crystal grid to enhance it.

    There are many different ways of creating crystal grids, and not one specific way is the ONLY way to create one. The best way to make a crystal grid is to follow your intuition and do what feels best for you.

    -Basics of setting up a crystal grid-

    1- Cleanse the area where you’ll be creating your grid. You can use sacred smoke, reiki, or whatever you prefer to cleanse an area.

    2- Choose your intention, what do you want this crystal grid to do for you? Enhance peace & happiness? Attract wealth & abundance? Assist in healing? You may want to write your intention on a piece of paper or keep it in your mind while you set up and activate your grid.

    3- Choose crystals that work for your intention, make sure they are cleansed.

    4- Choose a place for your grid. You want it to be somewhere that the crystals won’t be disturbed. Maybe on a table, on a tray (so you can move it to different rooms in your house), or maybe even in a special place outside. You can even make or purchase a sacred geometry grid layout made of wood or fabric (like these here and here).

    5- Arrange your crystals in a pattern that feels right for you. If you wrote your intention down on a piece of paper, fold it up and put it in the center of your grid. Some people like to place their center/master/focus stone in the grid first (it has a lot of names), and some people like to place it last. Most grids are circular with the center/master/focus stone in the center and all the other stones around it, but your grid doesn’t have to be circular if that doesn’t feel right for your intention. Do what feels right to you! <3

    6- You can arrange other special/magical objects in and around your grid, such as feathers, bones/skulls, oracle/tarot cards, etc to enhance it and its energy.

    -Activating your grid-

    Take a few deep breaths, focusing on your breathing and letting go of any excess thoughts. Hold your intention in your mind. Using a clear quartz crystal or crystal wand, hold it over each crystal and imagine it awakening and activating each crystal’s energy. Use the quartz or wand to “connect the dots” between each crystal and visualize them connecting energetically to amplify your intention. Some people like to “connect the dots” from the outside in, some like to do it from inside out, some like to do it clockwise… whatever feels right to you. If you have time, meditate in front of your grid for a few minutes while continuing to hold your intention in your mind. Visualize the energy of the crystal grid flowing up and out into the universe. Meditate with your grid every day if you can, and keep the grid set up for at least a couple of weeks, but a month or more is even better. Reactivate it whenever you feel it needs it, maybe every other day, every week, or every couple weeks.

    Looks like I need to make another post about how to cleanse crystals and how to choose crystals based on their energetic properties/which ones are used for love, abundance, protection, etc. I’ll do that soon!

    I haven’t forgotten about making the positive affirmations/meditation/metaphysical videos! I haven’t had time this week to make a good video but that’s coming soon! I have some ideas I want to try…  =]

    Ok now it’s time for photos!! <3

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  • Maya Tihtiyas

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    I originally wrote this for Patreon on February 11th 2017. I no longer use Patreon and have replaced it with my website (here) but thought I would share some of my old blogs with you for FREE to show my appreciation for you visiting my website! <3


    Happy day-after-the-full-moon-eclipse! The self portrait sets I’m sharing this week kinda don’t really match what I want to talk to you about… I’ll explain. These self portraits were taken when I was feeling pretty low. Scared for the future of our country, scared for my future and your future, feeling hopeless because I didn’t know the actions to take to make any kind of difference, upset because I had read too much online about all the terrible things happening. Some of my emotions show up in these photos and I’m glad I took them when I did, when I was sad/upset/hopeless/scared. I used self portraiture to work out some of my feelings and it helped me feel a little better.

    What I want to talk to you about this week is positivity and the power of our minds. The power of positive thinking. All week I’ve been listening to youtube videos of Abraham Hicks  speaking about the law of attraction, Eckhart Tolle speaking about the power of now, Louise Hay‘s positive affirmations, and various other positive affirmations. I’ve spent at least 4-9 hours each day, Monday through Friday, listening to all these uplifting, encouraging, powerful speakers. It has honestly changed my life already. I know I did an intro to positive affirmations blog post recently, but I can’t tell you enough how influential and POWERFUL they are! A day or two ago (after listening to a couple of day’s worth of these videos) I made a vow to myself that I will be positive in all aspects of my life, and I have already felt so much more joy and beauty and happiness since then. I am choosing to see everything from a positive perspective and boy is my life wonderful!!! I took a wrong turn and totally didn’t go where I meant to? Well look at this super cute little town I discovered on accident! I had to go grocery shopping after work yesterday? I wouldn’t have seen that amazingly beautiful sunset as I walked out of the store if I hadn’t gone! I spent a bunch of money on art supplies? I’m super excited to start making those color zines for you next month!

    I highly encourage you to click some of the links above (any of them, or even better, all of them) and do some reading. You know those days when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and your day starts out shitty and continues to be shitty or gets even shittier? That’s because of the law of attraction, when you start your day thinking about how crappy it is, the rest of your day is of course going to be crappy! That’s the energy you’re sending out so it’s the energy you receive. It works the other way around, too. If you wake up thankful for having a bed to sleep in, a house to live in, thankful that you’re ALIVE and you WOKE UP for another day, thankful that there are a million other things to be thankful for, happy that today is a brand new day that you get to be one more step closer to making your dream come true… the rest of your day and week and month and year are going to be amazing! If you send out the energy of gratitude, love, happiness, joy, and abundance, then that is exactly what you’re going to get back. If you set your mind to something, whatever that something is will happen. It may not be immediately or this week or this month or this year, but if you truly want it and work toward it and think about it excitedly and happily and as if it is on it’s way to you, it will happen.

    My dad has said that he wishes he had reached higher, because he has gotten everything he has ever asked for and worked toward: a loving wife and children, a successful career, even a white cadillac. And you know what? It’s not too late to reach higher. He just recently got the best job he’s ever had (and he’s had some pretty good jobs already), he’s working LESS and making MORE.

    REACH FOR THE SKY! Things may not happen the way that you expect them to but if you travel through life with gratitude and love then you will always be happy and successful.

    You never lose, you either learn or you win.

    I might go into this more in depth in the next couple weeks, I really want to talk to you more about Abraham Hicks, Eckhart Tolle, and Louise Hay. I just think this blog is pretty long already haha. I may start doing some videos about this too….. I’ll probably do a poll to see what you think, and I always love getting comments and messages from you!

    I love you, thank you so much for being here with me and I hope I can bring some love and light into your life, even if it’s just through a computer screen.

    ***EDIT*** March 24 2020 as I’m scheduling this post: Three years ago I didn’t know what spiritual bypassing was, and this post sounds a lot like spiritual bypassing. Here’s a definition from Wikipedia: “A spiritual bypass or spiritual bypassing is a “tendency to use spiritual ideas and practices to sidestep or avoid facing unresolved emotional issues, psychological wounds, and unfinished developmental tasks”. The term was introduced in the early 1980s by John Welwood, a Buddhist teacher and psychotherapist.”

    I want to point out that while being positive is certainly a good thing, it is NOT good to ignore or avoid the full range of emotions and experiences that are an integral part of our lives. We are allowed to have “bad” days. It’s okay to not feel/be okay. Whatever you’re feeling is worthy of your attention, curiosity, and care. I might do a post sometime about feeling ALL of our emotions, and why it’s important.

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  • Nude Beach Gathering – images from Jake & Kayla

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    I originally wrote this for Patreon on February 4th 2017. I no longer use Patreon and have replaced it with my website (here) but thought I would share some of my old blogs with you for FREE to show my appreciation for you visiting my website! <3


    I hope you’ve been liking my introduction to meditation, mantras, and positive affirmations posts these past couple weeks! I’m probably going to do a post about altars soon. =]   I’d love to hear your feedback, please comment or message or email me! <3

    So I’ve started going back to silks 2-3 times a week and I’m LOVING it! I’m nowhere near where I was before in terms of strength but it’s coming back pretty quickly and I’m really happy about it. It’s frustrating sometimes that I can’t completely do everything that I used to do before I got wrist drop at the end of May. It’s been so long since I’ve regularly done silks I can’t expect my body to still be at the same level of strength that it was. But it’s coming back! I notice myself getting stronger every time I go. Starting class again was really serendipitous, I went to a beginner class on Sunday a couple of weeks ago and the teacher for that particular class is my favorite one, Mandy. She asked me after class if I was going to be going back to the intermediate class since the next unit was starting that Tuesday. Guess which unit was starting? The one I started but was unable to finish when I was injured! It’s also the unit I am most excited about because scorpion is part of the curriculum!!! I got one class of scorpion, the thing I’ve been most pumped about learning, before I couldn’t come back because of wrist drop. If you’re new here I got wrist drop from a shibari suspension when I was at an artists vacation at the end of May. I had hardly any use of my right hand for 3 months. Anyway, the new unit was starting in just a couple of days but I wasn’t sure if I was ready for it or not since I needed to build my strength back up. Mandy suggested I at least go to a class or two to see how I felt. I’m really glad I went because I’m totally ready and intermediate is building my strength back up quicker than the beginner’s class would have. Be ready for silks videos pretty often now. =]

    All members have access to this complete 51, 71, and 36 image self portrait photosets by clicking here, here, and here.


    I originally wrote this for Patreon on January 28 2017. I no longer use Patreon and have replaced it with my website (here) but thought I would share some of my old blogs with you for FREE to show my appreciation for you visiting my website! <3


    Let’s talk about mantras and positive affirmations this week! As a recap, here are the definitions:

     Merriam-Webster’s definition of mantra: a sound, word, or phrase that is repeated by someone who is praying or meditating // a word or phrase that is repeated often or that expresses someone’s basic beliefs

    Merriam-Webster’s definition of affirmation: a solemn and often public declaration of the truth or existence of something

    I’ll start with mantras, which have been around for thousands of years (since the Vedic period, 1500-500 BC). There are many ancient mantras in Sanskrit, some of which call upon Hindu deities, and all of which assist in awareness, mindfulness, intention, and raising your level of consciousness. Chanting mantras over and over allows your mind to become quiet and focus solely on the sounds and vibrations of the mantra. Once your mind isn’t thinking you’re able to feel the space where the mind is silent, allowing you to connect to your true inner self.

    The most well-known mantra is “Om” (said like aum or ohm), which represents everything, the entire universe. It is believed to be the first sound the universe made when it was created, the original vibration. Chanting Om while meditating alters your consciousness and allows you to transcend to a higher state.

    Another well-known mantra is “Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha” which translates roughly to “Invocation to Ganesh, who is the remover of obstacles, who guards the doorway to the enlightened realms. His blessings are essential for good beginnings.” or more simply “The devotee bows/offers salutations to Ganesh/the Lord of the World.” This mantra calls upon Lord Ganesh, who is best known as the “breaker of obstacles.” This mantra assists in releasing blocked energy in your physical, mental, and emotional bodies.

    “Om Namah Shivaya” is another Sanskrit mantra which is interpreted as bowing or honoring your true highest self.

    Positive affirmations are very similar to mantras but are actually quite different. They were developed by neuroscientists in the 1970’s as a type of neuro-linguistic programming. People repeat positive affirmations in order to change their perception of their circumstances and the way they feel about themselves. Increasing positive thoughts and decreasing negative ones allows you to achieve success and happiness. For instance, someone who is very anxious and timid can say positive affirmations such as “I am brave, I am strong, and confidence comes naturally to me” to re-wire their brain to allow them to become brave, strong, and confident. Have you heard of a self-fulfilling prophecy or the law of attraction? Our beliefs influence our actions, so if you repeat to yourself every day that you are happy, creative, and loved, then you will become happy, creative, and loved!

    Some of the positive affirmations I say every day are:

    I am joyous in all that I do
    I laugh every day
    I am motivated and work toward my goals every day
    I spend quality time with quality people
    I spend quality time with myself
    I am strong of mind, body, and spirit
    I make time for yoga every day
    I am a money magnet and I attract wealth and abundance
    I am a world traveler
    I nourish my body with healthy food
    I let go of that which no longer serves me
    I make room for growth and change
    I am receptive to messages from the universe
    I learn something new every day

    Positive affirmations can be whatever you want or need in your life, just make sure it is positive and in the current tense. For instance, if you hate your job, don’t say “I hate my job so I’m finding a new one,” say “I’m attracting the perfect job for me.”

    Do you use mantras and/or positive affirmations? Do you want to? I’d love to hear about it!

    I saw these sunflowers at the store the other day and HAD to get them, sunflowers are my absolute favorite! The cats were interested in them too, look for a bunch cat-photobombed photos. I have a couple of sets by myself with the sunflowers that I’ll post soon. First I want to show you the self portraits that I took with Marianna Lane!

    Antisocialdisposition is wonderful and sometimes takes the time to model with me even when he’s swamped with electrical engineering schoolwork. There are totally butt grabs, giggles, and kisses happening in this set.

    All members have access to this complete 45 image photoset with Marianna Lane by clicking here.

    All members have access to this complete 58 image photoset with Antisocialdisposition by clicking here.


    I originally wrote this for Patreon on January 22nd 2017. I no longer use Patreon and have replaced it with my website (here) but thought I would share some of my old blogs with you for FREE to show my appreciation for you visiting my website! <3


    Happy weekend! From last weekend’s poll it looks like y’all are most interested in meditation, mantras, and positive affirmations. That’s exciting for me because these are some of the things I already know a lot about! Other topics (like Reiki and numerology) I am very interested in and will have to do more research and reading to learn it so that you can learn with me!

    I lumped together meditation, mantras, and positive affirmations in the poll because they can all go hand-in-hand (but don’t necessarily have to). As an introduction I’ll give you the dictionary definitions:

    Merriam-Webster’s definition of meditation:
    -to engage in contemplation or reflection
    -to engage in mental exercise (as concentration on one’s breathing or repetition of a mantra) for the purpose of reaching a heightened level of spiritual awareness
    -to focus one’s thoughts on :  reflect on or ponder over
    -to plan or project in the mind

    Merriam-Webster’s definition of mantra: a sound, word, or phrase that is repeated by someone who is praying or meditating / a word or phrase that is repeated often or that expresses someone’s basic beliefs

    Merriam-Webster’s definition of affirmation: a solemn and often public declaration of the truth or existence of something.

    You can tell that they work well together already, can’t you? Mantras and positive affirmations can easily be integrated into meditation but can be used on their own as well. I’ll share some of my mantras and positive affirmations with you later on in another post. But first! I want to talk about meditation.

    I’ve taken meditation classes, my mom teaches meditation, and I do a type of meditation daily while I’m driving to and from work (yes, while driving safely!). I want to spend more time in deeper meditation than what I currently do but it’s hard to make the time to do it. I need to remind myself that I don’t need 30 minutes or an hour set aside every day for meditation, 5 or 10 minutes is also just as good, and is certainly better than nothing. My mom says that if you can’t find 5 minutes in a day to meditate, then you really need an hour. Meditation is cumulative, every time you do it adds to your total time in meditation and the more you do it, even if it’s just 5 minutes a day, the easier it is to get into a meditative state.

    There are hundreds and thousands and probably millions of different ways to meditate. I know that when most people think of meditation they think of the classic sitting cross-legged with your eyes closed and holding your hands just right type of meditation. Yes, that is one way to meditate, but what if you’re someone who has bad hips or knees or a bad back? That would not be comfortable at all, and if you’re in pain or uncomfortable then you’re not meditating, you’re thinking “when do I get to move so that this doesn’t hurt anymore?” Meditation can be done sitting on the floor, sitting on a chair, laying down, standing up, walking, driving, doing dishes, whatever you can do while clearing your mind or focusing your mind on only one thing. Obviously if you’re going to be meditating while driving (like I do on the way to and from work) it won’t be as deep of a meditation because you still have to pay attention to the road and all of your surroundings. There is a way to drive safely while “auto-piloting” and focusing your mind and thoughts. I want you to know that if one meditation doesn’t work for you, don’t worry, that doesn’t mean that you can’t meditate, that just means you should just try something else next time.

    Basics of meditation:

    -get comfortable (but not TOO comfortable, you don’t want to fall asleep, unless you really need sleep then go ahead and take a nap and meditate later)
    -focus on your breathing
    -clear your mind, focus on one thing
    -if a thought comes, acknowledge it and let it go

    You may have to experiment to see what works best for you. Do you like having incense? Background music? Candles? Do you like creating a crystal grid and sitting in the middle of it? Do you like meditating sitting on a cushion on the floor, sitting on a chair, or laying down? Do you meditate better in the morning, afternoon or evening? Do you like setting a timer so you don’t have to worry about what time it is or how long you’ve been meditating? Do you like movement in your meditation, such as lightly swaying back and forth, toe-tapping, or walking? Do you like the simplest meditation where you just focus on your breath, or do you prefer using a mantra, or do you do best with a guided meditation? What works well for one person might not work at all for someone else. Experiment to find what works best for YOU.

    There are some great meditation apps that have soothing music, timers, and even guided meditations. One I’ve tried and liked is “Insight Timer.”

    I will share more meditations with you in another blog post, but let’s start out with a basic meditation where you focus on your breath. Read the following paragraph and then hold the questions and suggestions in your mind while you meditate for at least five minutes.  Maybe set a timer so that you don’t have to look at the clock.

    Find a comfortable seat. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in through your nose and let it all out through your mouth with a sigh. Continue breathing deeply through your nose. Feel your breath in your lungs, your belly, your nostrils. Feel that the air is cool when you breathe it in and how it’s warmer when you breathe it out. Listen to how your breath sounds. Can you hear/feel your heartbeat? Can you make your inhales the same length as your exhales? Can you make each breath longer? Imagine the air as a color coming into your nostrils, swirling as it reaches your lungs, and imagine it dissipating as you breathe it out. If a thought comes to you, acknowledge it and let it go. Your thoughts will still be there waiting for you when you’re finished. Do you feel more calm and relaxed?

    Let me know if you’re able to try this breathing meditation, I’d love to hear how you feel about it! Have you meditated before now? Did you like it? Why or why not?

    Would you like it if I made some guided meditation videos?

    And now for some self portraits! There are also 2 new aerial silks videos! I’m honestly a little embarrassed at how weak I’ve become since I got wrist drop at the end of May (not from doing silks) and haven’t been able to go back regularly until now. BUT! I’m sure my muscle memory will help a lot and since I’ve built the muscle and strength before I know I can do it again. I’ll just not look as cool doing silks for a little while until I get back into shape. It shouldn’t take way too long though because I’m going at least twice a week again! Yay! <3

    All members have access to this complete 80 image self portrait photoset by clicking here.