Open Castings


Nude in Nature

Ecosexuality manifests differently for all of us, but my absolute favorite way to connect with the earth is to be nude outdoors, feet in the dirt and wind on my face. I invite you to explore your innate connection to nature by being your purest self. Together we celebrate your aliveness by capturing it on film forever.

Self Care Rituals

In this capitalist world we often forget the importance of slowing down and listening to our bodies. This series celebrates divesting from our cultural productivity-centered narrative and instead focuses on whatever feels pleasurable for the model, whether that is massaging oils into their skin, smoking a CBD joint, or cooking a delicious meal.

Creator Interviews

Representation matters, and I want to share your creations with the world. I strive to spend my privilege by amplifying your unique artistic voice. You must be a creator of some variety, all forms of art are welcome! Interviews are done in person on video or in text via email.

How to participate

Modeling experience is not required, I am here to assist you through the process. However, I don’t direct you during the entire shoot because it’s important for me to allow you the space to intuitively do what feels true for your soul.

These series are made possible by the donations of participants and by the members of this website. Film, gas, and other expenses add up quickly and I would not be able to do this without you.

If you meet any of the priority criteria listed above, contact me via email at to discuss setting up a shoot on a sliding scale donation basis.

If you do not meet the priority criteria listed above, please visit my photography page for all the info on how to book a photoshoot with me.